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Hyphen8 Highlights of 2022

The time has come all too soon for this annual tradition of mine to reflect on the…

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Hyphen8: Living our values in 2022

Our mission is to make a difference to the grant-making community through the design and implementation of…

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Four resources to improve your Salesforce skills

When speaking to our customers, a question I often receive goes something like… “I want to improve…

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Simplifying Salesforce: Some Useful Terminology to know

Some of the organisations we work with nominate internal Salesforce superusers or champions who can support others…

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Service Design Workshop at Serpentine Galleries

Why is Service Design Important? Services should continually improve and evolve. We expect services we use (banks,…

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Unlocking Success: Salesforce Nonprofit Trends Report

Every year, Salesforce issues a new edition of the Salesforce Nonprofit Trends Report. This year’s emphasises the…

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What we offer

We challenge and re-design processes, and build innovative solutions to help our customers make an impact

Salesforce for grant management event at Salesforce Tower hosted by Hyphen8

Superpower Salesforce

We design, build and support innovative and flexible solutions on Salesforce.

We can help you maximise your impact and free up time to spend with your stakeholders and concentrate on your mission.


Design Better Services

Our Service Design team have joined us from leading UK funders, and have years of grant-making and charity expertise.

We can redesign your processes and help you deliver your mission more effectively.

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The additional value of having Hyphen8 and what you brought to the project with regard to sector knowledge and recent experience you had delivering Salesforce systems to similar charities was one of the deciding factors of choosing Salesforce.