Why Service Design?

Service Design can help you to understand the specific needs of your internal and external stakeholders. This enables you to create ways in which services can be delivered more effectively. This could give your organisation:

  • Deeper understanding of stakeholders, including their priorities, pain points and motivations.

  • An opportunity to review and challenge current ways of working in a "safe space".

  • More efficient processes, improving user experiences and ensuring best use of time and resources.

  • Enhanced collaboration, bringing stakeholders together to break down silos and improve communication.

How we do it

Process Review

Whether your service is fundraising, events or grantmaking, our team can work with you to explore your processes and improve them. We can lead discovery workshops and interviews with your stakeholders, and review your current documents, processes and tools.

Programme Design

We can work with you and the communities that you serve to co-design end-to-end funding programmes that meets user needs, leverage new technology, and incorporate best practice and new ways of working (such as participatory grantmaking).

UX Design Review

User Experience (UX) Design explores all aspects of a service with the user in mind. Our UX Consultants can assess your services and give recommendations to make your services more usable and approachable.

Usability Testing

If users aren't completing your forms accurately, or your website isn't meeting the needs of your users, we can provide usability testing to explore issues further. We'll give you insight and recommendations on making your services more usable.

User Research

It's often difficult to get accurate user feedback, yet it's vital to understand how their needs match up with the services that we deliver. We can help you to gain feedback on what your stakeholders really think about your services, and how you can improve them.

Impact Evaluation

Understanding impact is vital for nonprofits. You may want to identify groups that are being excluded from your services, or better understand the impacts for specific communities. We'll help you visualise your impact and see how you can increase it.

Explore our Service Design packages to see how we can help simplify your workflows and better serve your stakeholders:


A bespoke service

At Hyphen8 we offer a range of services, whether you want to review a process, a whole service or even your organisational design. We also offer design and research services for smaller projects such as reviewing the content and usability of online forms and websites or carrying out an impact evaluation. Our services are bespoke and we can recommend a package that will fit your needs and budget.

We recommend thinking about service design at an early point in your project, before coming up with a solution.


  • Impact evaluation reports
  • User journey maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Process maps
  • Design prototypes
  • User Personas

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Many of the changes are already being applied across our wider work and there’s no going back to the old ways. For now, we take a breath, see what works and what doesn’t, then we go again making the next round better.

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