Four resources to improve your Salesforce skills

When speaking to our customers, a question I often receive goes something like…

I want to improve my own personal Salesforce skills. Where do I go?

Having come into the Salesforce ecosystem only within the last couple of years, this has been a question I have also had. Throughout my personal learning journey, I have found a few go-to places for learning and news to improve your Salesforce skills.

#1 Trailhead

It’s no surprise that Trailhead appears top of my list. Salesforce’s learning platform is completely free to use and should always be your first port of call for developing your personal Salesforce skills.

Salesforce call Trailhead the “Fun way to learn” and they’re not wrong! Salesforce have gamified the learning platform, allowing Trailblazers to earn badges and collect points to move up in the Trailblazer ranks.

If you are interested in giving Trailhead a go, a good place to start may be taking the trail on Reports and Dashboards for Lightning Experience. The aim of this trail is for the user to learn how to set up reports in their own Salesforce org so they can view real-time metrics from their data. From that point onward, Trailhead really is your oyster!

If you want to take your learning to the next level, Salesforce offers several certifications that you can study for. These are often role-specific, but Salesforce have also recently announced the Certified Associate certification which is more of a “general” certification, designed for candidates who may be new to the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Trailhead logo

#2 Trailblazer Community Groups

Another good place to learn about what is coming to Salesforce, whilst keeping the information relevant to industries, locations etc. is Trailblazer Community Groups.

Located on the Trailhead platform, you can find relevant groups to you, full of wonderful, collaborative people working together. Events often take place for these groups, both in person and virtual. Groups are also often location based.

One group event coming up is Salesforce’s London, UK Nonprofit User Group meeting in December. Our Impact Manager Joel Aughey has signed up so you should come along and say hi!

Salesforce trailblazer community

#3 Salesforce Ben

One of my favourite things to do in my work week is to open Salesforce Ben‘s newsletter when it pops into my inbox. Not affiliated with Salesforce, Salesforce Ben is an independent community of 400+ Authors sharing ideas and advice for their 400k+ monthly readers.

Salesforce Ben often acts as my entry point into the important happenings within the Salesforce ecosystem. One of my favourite posts that Salesforce Ben have put out is their Infographic on Certification Pathways. This infographic has really inspired me to think about where I may go with my own personal learning journey. I would really encourage you to look and think about where you could go, also.

Staff training day

#4 Hyphen8’s Evolve Team

It would be criminal for me not to mention Hyphen8’s Evolve Team when writing this blog. Our team have a wealth of knowledge spanning multiple facets of Salesforce. As an Evolve customer, you can contact us with any Salesforce question you may have (big or small)! We regularly join calls with our customers providing training on their systems, so if there is an area of your system you want to improve your knowledge of, please do get in touch!