Service Design Packages

We know that re-designing your services can be difficult, and Service Design can seem like an open-ended concept.

To make things easier for our nonprofit customers, we've introduced a range of Service Design Packages that will give you:

  • Clearly defined outputs
  • Estimated timescales to deliver
  • Amount of committment from your team
  • Indicative costs to allow for budgeting
  • An understanding of what comes next

Introduction to Service Design Training

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to carry out internal service design projects. Participants will learn how a design approach can improve services and gain practical insights for designing user-centric experiences. You'll get five training blocks covering the whole process from discovery to delivery through a series of collaborative exercises:

  • Intro to Service Design: what is it, and why are organisations adopting this way of working?
  • Discover: An introduction to research methods, with practical activities to put new knowledge into practice.
  • Define: Explore the problem before solving – we‘ll coach you in analysis methods to explore and explain challenges.  
  • Develop: Explore methods to create solutions. These methods help inspire new, innovative ideas that tackle your issues.
  • Deliver: Refine and develop your ideas, and get ready to test a service prototype with your users. 

Fixed costs of £2,610 ex VAT (assumes a one-day training course with up to 10 attendees)

We helped Lloyds Bank Foundation to create user research plans, experiment with ideation techniques and present their ideas. This helped us work together to co-design a new fund for community organisations.

Process Review

Make improvements to your process to help achieve your goals. Eliminate pain-points, bottlenecks and inefficiencies - make your service simple and easy for your users.

  • Initial Consultation - we'll work with you to explore your needs & frustrations
  • Discovery Workshop - map out your end-to-end process with your stakeholders. Identify inputs, outputs and risks.
  • Observation Sessions - with internal/external stakeholders to see how they perform tasks and interact with your service
  • Playback - a comprehensive report and a workshop session to explore findings and recommendations
  • Revised Process Flow - this will incorporate our jointly agreed recommendations to enhance your process

Fixed costs of £2,175 ex VAT (Assumes one medium-complexity process)

We helped Nuffield Foundation to simplify processes for staff and applicants. Our Process Review resulted in a range of recommended improvements, including quick wins, medium-term improvements, and long-term ideas for bigger gains.

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User-Centric Service Co-Design

Partner with us to create a new funding programme, designed with the needs of your stakeholders at its heart. This includes:

  • Initial Consultation - to understand what the aims of the programme are
  • User Research - a comprehensive survey or a focus group for your grantees
  • Co-Design - we'll facilitate a Co-Design workshop for your team and grantees to collaborate
  • Service Blueprint - outlining user needs and ideas for the programme. This will equip you to deliver the new design

Fixed costs of £7,560 ex VAT (For a medium-complexity programme)

We helped Lloyds Bank Foundation co-design a new funding programme aimed at organisations led by and for people with lived experience of inequity, and reflect the needs of the communities who will benefit directly from funding.

User Research Package

Understand how your funding processes are experienced by users to improve the experience of your grantees. You'll get:

  • Initial Consultation - we'll work with you to explore your needs & knowledge gaps
  • Bespoke Survey or Focus Group - to gather feedback from current and past grantees
  • Data Analysis - we'll use quantitative & qualitative methods to explore findings and find the meaning behind responses
  • User Experience Report - key insights from your grantees and recommendations for process improvements

Fixed costs of £3,480 ex VAT (For a medium-complexity process)

We helped Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland to build trust with their stakeholders, and enable alternative ways of reporting to reflect the impact of local organisations.


A bespoke service

We offer a range of services, whether you want to review a process, a whole service, or even your organisational design. We also offer design and research services for smaller projects such as reviewing the content and usability of online forms and websites or carrying out an impact evaluation. Our services are bespoke and we can recommend a package that will fit your needs and budget.

We recommend thinking about service design at an early point in your project, before coming up with a solution.


  • Impact evaluation reports
  • User journey maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Process maps
  • Design prototypes
  • User Personas
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