Service Design Workshop at Serpentine Galleries

Why is Service Design Important?

Services should continually improve and evolve. We expect services we use (banks, or social media, for instance) to improve in response to feedback and changes in technology. The same can apply to any organisation. A Service Design approach means listening to users and continually enhancing your offering. There’s no such thing as best practice, only great practice which continues to evolve and change over time.

In our Service Design Discovery Workshops, we examinine, map, and challenge ways of working. We help organisations to develop more efficient ways of to operate, for the benefit of their staff and users.

Serpentine Galleries

Serpentine Galleries attracts up to 1.2 million visitors per year across their sites in the heart of London’s Kensington Gardens. They treat visitors to a rich programme of free events, as well as hosting various private functions. These are held across two gallery spaces and their annually refreshed Serpentine Pavilion (with next year’s designed by Beirut-born architect Lina Ghotmeh).

Serpentine use Salesforce as their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Hyphen8 are their strategic partner to develop and customise it for their specific needs.

Serpentine Galleries South Gallery building exterior
The Serpentine South Gallery

Service Design Discovery Workshop

Serpentine Galleries want to re-design their Events Management processes. They aim to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks to deliver a more responsive service to their guests, exhibitors, and partners.

Our Service Designers and Serpentine’s Events Team held a workshop session at their offices in the beautiful South Gallery. We explored their methods, pain points and desired outcomes, and used a surprising number of our colourful sticky notes in the process!

These sessions bring people together from across an organisation, and let us understand what drives them. We explore how a service can be changed to make their lives easier.

We tap into the years of knowledge and experience that our team bring – the sessions are a “safe space” to air frustrations which may have been accepted for years. Often, the whole team aren’t aware of how complicated and time-consuming a process is until it’s mapped out on colourful squares!

Our Service Designers map key processes from end-to-end, from initial booking of the event through to customer satisfaction surveys. Monitoring is key to evolving and continuously improving your service.

Colourful sticky notes being used to map out processes

What comes next?

After the Service Design Workshop (ensuring that we’ve snapped plenty of photos of our sticky notes!), we document our findings and make recommendations in a Playback Session. The Service Design team take a technology-agnostic approach, and recommend the best fit for the organisation and its people.

Three people in discussion
“We approached the Service Design Team at Hyphen8, having worked with them for the last 3.5 years, to help us review our Events Management process. The workshop was received well by the Serpentine team and allowed us the opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day and review the process in a pragmatic way helping us to identify the pain points and opportunities for automation.”
Serpentine Galleries logo
Lisa Benson
Data Manager

Start with Service Design. This is one of our mantras, and is key to any successful technology implementation. Service Design Discovery sessions let us understand end-to-end processes and where they can be tweaked and changed to deliver better services.


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