How personalisation supercharges User Experience  

We put ourselves in the shoes of our users all the time. It's critical for us to understand their challenges, anticipate potential mistakes, and figure out their next moves. 

Imagine if you were simply handed this expert knowledge, it could be a game-changer! 

Read on to discover how we help our customers to craft the ultimate User Experiences (UX), and how you can take the UX concept of "personalisation" one step further with our expertise. 

UX Design gives an average improvement of 75% towards business and user goals

Expert Insights

User research and usability testing reveals insights into people’s emotions, pain points, and motivations at different stages of their online experience journey. We're always deepening our knowledge on what this means specifically for the Salesforce journeys that our nonprofit customers create.  

We recently conducted one-on-one interviews with grantseekers, delving into their experience of second-stage grant application forms. It was clear that forcing grantseekers to re-enter information was cumbersome, and giving them the ability to review or edit their responses would be preferable. This insight guided us to streamline the forms by enabling pre-population and editability between forms. This greatly improved overall usability, as it sped up the process and added flexibility, giving users more autonomy to edit their submissions.  

Our UX Designers use tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics, which offer robust web analytics and user feedback capabilities, delivering further valuable insights into your users’ behaviours. Understanding user flows, identifying trends, and analysing interactions contribute to a comprehensive assessment of UX performance. 


For Salesforce Experience Cloud portal users, we can use specific user data and knowledge through individual login credentials. Knowing who the user is empowers us to deliver what that specific user wants and needs, and lets us present information precisely how they want it. We integrate our intelligence with user research insights that enhance the user journey. 

Take the example of a grantee portal, a platform allowing funding applicants to manage their applications and grants online. By analysing data on an individual user basis, we can see that users at different stages of their grant journey will require different information. Knowing the grantees current status (i.e. second stage application) allows us to tailor experiences, features, and information accordingly. 

By combining this data with user insights, we craft genuinely personalised platforms for you and your customers. This can increase portal usage and makes applicants feel more supported without human intervention and therefore without placing additional burdens on your staff or grantees.

Let’s supercharge User Experience

The aim of UX design and personalisation is to make each and every user feel like the system is built for them.   

We focus on a deep understanding of our users; what they need, what they value, their abilities and their limitations, which helps to create an inclusive product, where everyone has the optimum experience.  

To create a frictionless process for the end user, we combine our expertise of the situation and sector with traditional UX techniques, including individual data gathering and analysis. This is how we are supercharging UX.  

We would love to help you to create an inclusive and personalised product, and we have a range of UX packages to take advantage of. From UX Review to User Observation. 

If you would like to find out more about contact: and see how we can help you give your grantseekers and grantees the best possible user experiences.