Unlock the Power of Salesforce Flow: Migrating Process Builders and Workflow Rules

It’s been a long time coming, but as of the Salesforce Summer ’23 release, new Process Builders can no longer be created in Salesforce. Trust me when I say…

… this is a moment to celebrate!


This marks a significant step toward both Workflow Rules and Process Builder being retired completely, in favour of the more powerful and versatile functionality that is Salesforce Flow.

Many of our customers are getting ahead of the curve and acting now to embrace this transition.

The question is… is your organisation thinking about this yet? If not, it’s time you start!

This blog aims to outline what this transition means and provide some practical steps that your organisation can take, utilising Hyphen8’s expertise to get the most out of this exciting upgrade.

Why Flow?

Salesforce’s decision to retire Workflow Rules and Process Builders was driven by the need for a unified automation tool that could effectively handle complex and evolving requirements. By consolidating their development efforts on Flow, Salesforce can apply focus to enhancing its capabilities, resulting in improved performance, advanced error handling, and the development of new features and functionality.

Flows empower administrators to build complex automations using a point-and-click interface, providing a valuable tool for handling intricate process requirements. While Flow excels in automation capabilities, its true power lies in its ability to act as a form-building solution. Admins can create custom screens and data flows that guide Salesforce users through a journey aligned with the automated process. This unique feature sets Flow apart from other automation tools within Salesforce, enabling admins to create a seamless and guided experience for users throughout their interactions with the system.

All of our nonprofit customers experience huge time-saving and improved efficiency benefits from automating their workflow using Salesforce Flow. Common examples include the triggering of instant notifications when received information needs to be actioned, sending out emails to acknowledge, remind or request information from external stakeholders or updating record statuses to show real-time progress. Flows provide the flexibility to set up any automated process and it is often a game-changer in terms of reducing manual administration.

With each Salesforce release, Flow undergoes numerous enhancements, showcasing Salesforce’s commitment to continuously improving the tool. We understand that some may find Salesforce Flows a bit daunting at first, but rest assured that Hyphen8 is here to guide you through the transition and provide ongoing support.

How can Hyphen8 Help?

With this retirement and migration to Flow, your organisation has a unique opportunity to re-evaluate and optimise your processes. than simply migrating automations “like-for-like” into Flow, it’s essential to ask whether your current processes are truly effective for your organisation.

Hyphen8’s Service Design team, consisting of experts from nonprofit backgrounds, can guide you through this process. Drawing on their extensive experience in improving end-to-end processes for nonprofits, they can help you assess the fitness of your processes and identify areas for improvement or elimination during the migration to Flow.

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Next Steps

I understand that some of you may be apprehensive about yet another change in Salesforce! This one comes with some real opportunity to add value, simplify laborious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, and optimise your processes to create greater impact for your stakeholders. These outcomes are precisely what our Service Design team aims to achieve with you, and you can leverage their expertise to make the most of this change.

We, of course, understand that a full organisational process review may not be feasible for all our customers. In such cases, we can offer flexible options, such as reviewing specific processes or automations in your system. Alternatively, if you prefer to migrate all your existing automations like-for-like into Flow, our Evolve team can assist you with this. However, we would highly recommend taking this opportunity to optimise your processes rather than replicating them without . After all, you don’t want to bring across your existing pain points with you.

To learn more about how Hyphen8 can support you in this required migration, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are here to ensure you have a smooth and successful transition to Salesforce Flow, helping you unlock its full potential.

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