Trailhead Go!

Sadly this one for the Apple lovers as it is not currently available for Android or Windows, but perhaps they will join the Trailhead Go party soon.

For ages I have sat on long, cramped train journeys without the space or ability to get my laptop out and have often thought “wouldn’t it be great to have Trailhead on my phone?” Salesforce were clearly listening as they announced the arrival of Trailhead Go! at Dreamforce back in November.

Now you can incorporate your Salesforce learning and development  into everyday life, like waiting for that delayed train or waiting for your coffee! 

Trailhead Go

Trailhead Go enables users to login to their existing trailhead account to continue their Trailhead badge collecting.

Users can easily search for Trails, Modules and more.

The Learn tab serves you up recommendations based on the badges you have already earnt! Perfect when you want to learn something new!

Trailhead GO!

As a huge Trailhead fan and an equal iPhone fan, I had to try out the new App straight away.

The App is so easy to use and navigate. You can easily see which badges which are in progress so you can carry on where you left off. 

The App has the same look and feel as the desktop version, which makes it so easy to navigate. The quizzes look great and are really straight forward to complete and I especially like the on screen confetti when you complete a badge! 

I also loved the recommendations which provide you with new badges and trails to try that you might not have thought about before which really helps you to extend your Salesforce learning to beyond you “normal” comfort zone. 

Trailhead Go will really help me on those long tedious train journeys! 

To download the new Apple Trailhead GO app go to the Apple App Store 

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