Tamara Simpson: Hyphen8’s new Resourcing Manager

Tamara Simpson has joined Hyphen8 as our new Resourcing Manager, bringing a wealth of experience in similar roles across the tech industry. As our Resourcing Manager, Tamara will help us to deliver the best outcomes for the organisations we work with.

2022 was a big year for Hyphen8. We started working with some amazing new nonprofits, celebrated being crowned Salesforce’s EMEA Nonprofit Partner of the Year, and we dedicated time to look at how we can continue to improve for our customers and our staff. We saw the need for a dedicated Resourcing Manager to manage our increasing workforce and ensure we matched the right specialists for each project.

I sat down with Tamara to learn a bit more about her, and to understand what brought her to Hyphen8.

What attracted you to the role, and what will Tamara bring?

I’ve worked as a people manager and in resourcing roles, which gives me a unique mix of experience! My main motivation is giving people the right opportunities for growth and progression AND finding the right fit for the client to ensure we can deliver both employee and customer success. I’m also sure that I can bring lightness and laughs to the work environment.

The fact that Hyphen8 only works with nonprofits really drew me to this job. This is the perfect match for me – the right role for my experience, the chance to do right by my new colleagues, and an opportunity to support some great organisations!

Have you had much experience with nonprofits?

I’ve always jumped at the chance to get involved in corporate volunteering, and was introduced via the Sage Foundation to Newcastle West End Foodbank and Newcastle Dog & Shelter that are still very close to my heart!

Over the pandemic, I spent twelve months as a vaccination marshal with the Royal Voluntary Service which was a great mix of shepherding, entertaining and placating people in a strange and stressful situation!

What brings you joy outside of work (and volunteering)?

My dogs and my family! We relocated from West London to the wilds of rural Northumberland, and I take so much joy in spending time out with my three doggies.

I’d consider myself a bit of an extrovert, and I love the chance to be noisy and silly where I can – especially on the Karaoke mic!

woman with two dogs in countryside
Tamara in her happy place with dogs in tow

What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

I’m already staking my claim to Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind at the next company social. Sometimes I do find it hard to convince someone to be Jay-Z though…

What’s been your experience of Hyphen8 so far?

My first impressions have been great, I love how everyone is so friendly, approachable and willing to help. You can pick up on the sense of community, which can be tricky to find in a remote role!

What does success look like to you?

I know that change can be unsettling, and my main priority is getting around to meet my new colleagues and to make sure that they understand what I’m here to help them with. Not just assigning resources to work packages and meeting metrics, but helping everyone to build their skills and careers. I want to know my team-mates, understand what makes them tick, and help them develop and grow in their roles.

“Helping everyone to build their skills and careers”