Spring ’22 Release Highlights

Can you believe that it is 2022 already and Spring is only just around the corner? With that, Salesforce’s Spring 22 release notes have been released, so it’s time to sit back, get comfy and enjoy these release highlights.

Enhanced Report Type Selector

A simpler way to locate the report type you are looking for is now available in Beta.

When selecting “New Report”, you will now be given the option to choose a “Recently Used” report type as well as the usual list of standard and custom report types.

Picture Source: Easily Find the Right Report Type for New Reports

Furthermore, by looking at the report type details, you can view further information, including a search box to find out if the field you are looking for is included.

Inline editing Enhancements for Reporting

Statuses can be updated, and data cleaned up without the need to rerun a report. You can now save time by editing multiple records on the report run page. Better still, if a field is edited that has related fields in the same record, the other fields are marked as Pending, until the point that the changes are saved. At this point, the related fields are updated with the new value.

Picture Source: Edit Multiple Fields Inline on the Report Run Page 

Stronger Protection for Users’ Personal Information

Enhanced Personal Information Management may now be enabled to prevent external users (i.e. portal or community users) from accessing each other’s personal information. This feature secures more personal identifiable information (PII) on the user record fields. Admins may decide which custom and standard user fields are considered PII.

Flow Updates

Much alike other recent Salesforce updates, Flow Builder continues to get numerous improvements and enhancements within this Spring 22 release.

These include:

Auto-Layout: Elements on the canvas are spaced, connected and aligned automatically thereby saving time and keeping the canvas organised

Picture Source: Place Flow Elements Automatically with Auto-Layout

Flow Trigger Explorer: Giving you the ability to see and manage your record triggered flows, showing all of the flows that are associated with a specified object and that run when a record is created, updated, or deleted.

Picture Source: Visualize All Your Record-Triggered Flows in One Place with Flow Trigger Explorer

Customise Button Labels: Customise the Previous, Pause, Next, and Finish button label text in Flow Builder. This allows a user to know what to expect when they click the button.

Picture Source: Translate and Customize Button Labels in the Flow Screen Footer

Read the Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes in full.