Simplify grant report analytics with Salesforce

Over the years that Hyphen8 has specialised in delivering Salesforce solutions for funders, there is one key requirement that is ALWAYS near the top of the list.  “we need the flexibility to run our own reports and be able to analyse our data‘.   We hear time and time again how time consuming it is to pull together the reports required by multiple internal and external stakeholders.  This can be due to data being held in several different places, or being captured inconsistently or the fact that they all need it in different formats.  This blog provides an overview of how Salesforce gives funders instant grant report analytics.

How can instant analytics help with grant reporting?

  • Responses entered via fields in online forms or via a portal can feed instantly into formatted reports and visual charts in a variety of formats – bar charts, tables, doughnuts and more
  • Data can quickly be sliced and diced to isolate a particular geographical area or fund or programme
  • Report data can be exported to Excel for further manipulation if required
  • You can schedule reports and dashboards to be sent by email on a specified day to be referenced in planning meetings
  • Charts can be downloaded as images to paste into Word or Powerpoint
  • You have the option to use advanced analytics tools that integrate with Salesforce such as Tableau for more sophisticated reporting
  • Salesforce can be integrated with your website to provide up to date funded project information displayed on maps or filtered by categories or themes
  • Information can easily be transformed into 360giving standard format for exporting and inclusion in open grants data (see our related blog on this topic) 

Funder reporting examples

We are passionate about helping nonprofits to become self-sufficient so we provide training on how users can create and manage their own reports and data exports.  The following are some examples of the varied grant reporting data output requirements that we have helped funders using Salesforce to achieve: 

  • National Lottery Community Fund and Education Endowment Fund both received millions of pounds from Government departments to distribute and report back on emergency Covid-19 grants.  We helped them to set up the specific grant reporting data outputs requested 
  • Set up flexible impact themes, outcomes and indicator management for membership organisation UK Community Foundations to report on impact across their 40+ network for their national programmes
  • Created flexible report templates for funders such as Comic Relief who work with a number of funding partners each requiring different information
  • Integrated Salesforce data to dynamically populate web pages for Esmee Fairbairn and Foundation Scotland
  • Configured data reports and exports in 360Giving standard for funders who participate in open grant sharing including Community Foundations, William Grant Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn and many more

Get in touch with us at whether you need help from our service designers on how you structure your impact assessment or how best to capture and report on data in Salesforce.