Salesforce World Tour London 2022 – Hyphen8 Roundup

Last month saw the annual Salesforce World Tour London take place.  Hyphen8 staff from across the business teams attended, some in person and some virtually (see photo below of Antony, Gemma and Andrew). After a hiatus in 2019 the event was well-attended by people from a variety of industries operating within the UK.

Salesforce World Tour

As well as being a long-overdue Salesforce ecosystem reunion, the event was full of snippets of information about exciting things yet to come to the Salesforce world. 


Salesforce World Tour talk

Attendees at one of the many talks that happened at Salesforce World Tour London 2022


The event featured conversations with high-profile organisations discussing how the Salesforce platform has helped them maximise their impact, create integrated experiences for their end users/customers and digitally transform the way their organisations operate.  Salesforce also explored some of the exciting new features being developed and added to their ever-growing platform.  There was even a dash of Superhero magic thrown into the mix with Benedict Cumberbatch himself joining for a talk about equality at work late in the day. 

As one of the main talks at the event, the opening Keynote attracted a great deal of interest with not a single seat in the house empty.  Led by Zahra Bahrololoumi, the Salesforce CEO for UK and Ireland, the audience heard about how Salesforce is committed to creating a platform for change in an ever-changing world.  

Here are a few key takeaways from the keynote…

How the future works

Bahrololoumi started the talk by informing how Salesforce is building a better future for all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders.  The key values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality and Sustainability are core to their business activities.

Bahrololoumi later went on to talk about how digital transformation is changing the way the world works with some jobs due to disappear completely whilst other brand new jobs will be emerging.  Knowing that the skill gaps will widen, with 9/10 of us by 2030 needing to acquire digital skills to be able to do our jobs properly, Salesforce is committed to educating and upskilling people, irrespective of age and background.  

As well as providing grants to multiple digital technical colleges including Ada, Salesforce also offer free training and resources through their Trailhead platform for all to access and learn.  Considering that 9.3 million new Salesforce economy jobs will be created by 2026, it may be a good time to start learning.

Astro in Trailhead hoodie

Astro, Salesforce mascot showing off his Trailhead hoodie at Salesforce World Tour London 2022

Net zero cloud here we come!

With Sustainability being a core pillar of Salesforce’s overall strategy, they are showing their commitment to advance the fight against climate change.  One of the ways that they are doing this is by introducing Net Zero Cloud (formerly known as Sustainability Cloud).

The purpose of Net Zero Cloud is to use Salesforce’s wealth of technologies to help organisations across the globe to automate their supply chain discovery and emissions reporting so that leaders can take action and affect change.  We even heard about how Salesforce used their own Net Zero Cloud technology to reduce their carbon emissions reporting from 6 months to 6 weeks.  Impressive stuff! 

Forest image

The next era of the web

Within the opening keynote, we heard more about the future of the internet and how Web 3, the future of the internet, is closer than we think.   

What is Web 3? Marc Mathieu, SVP and Co-founder of Web 3 Studio explained that it is the next iteration of the web underpinned by new and exciting technologies.  One of these is Salesforce NFT Cloud providing organisations with the ability to mint and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on a trusted, sustainable platform.

At the risk of writing a 10,000 page report on the possibilities and opportunites that Web 3 and Salesforce NFT Cloud could bring, I will stop here, but I do encourage you to do more research to get ahead of the curve!

Who knows, maybe we will see you at Salesforce World Tour London 2023?