Salesforce Winter ’23 Admin Release Highlights

It seems like only last week the sun was shining and now I’m looking out the window at a very rainy Britain. Where did the time go?

On a positive note, the change of season means that the Winter ’23 Salesforce release notes have dropped and our Evolve team have been busy reading through. We have a few exciting highlights we think you should know about…

Flow Enhancement Highlights

  • Screen Flow Datatable component: This is an addition that a lot of people have been looking forward to for some time. By leveraging the new Data Table (beta) flow screen component, an admin can display a list of records on a flow screen; a neat addition to screen flows, with plenty of potential use cases!

  • Cut and Paste Flow Elements: Building out Flows has become more convenient with this update. Admins can now re-order flow elements in auto-layout quickly using the cut and paste option
  • See All Incoming Go To Connections in the Toolbox: Gone are the days where incoming go to connected elements are only spread out across the canvas. Moving forwards, all incoming go to connections for that element are listed in the Toolbox on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Multiple Records can be Selected in the Lookup Flow Component: More than one record can now be searched and selected with the Lookup flow screen component. This could have multiple use cases. One we’ve thought of is if you wish to add multiple people to a meeting.

  • Embed Flows in Lightning Web Component: Screen flows can be embedded in any Lightning Web Component with the new lightning-flow component. This could allow for customised finishing behaviour, custom styling, or launching flows from Lightning Web Components.
  • Flow Testing is Generally Available: This is something that is great to see being available for the Salesforce platform. We always recommend using this when building new record-triggered or auto-launched flows.

Bye, Bye to New Workflow Rules!

The retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builders begins… From Winter ‘23 new workflows will not be able to be created on the platform.

It’s time to get ahead of the curve and think about migrating over to Flows as this is the first step in retirement of these tools altogether, whilst Salesforce Flows are continuously being improved. If migration over to Flows is something you would like support with, do please get in touch.

Dynamic Forms Available on Standard Objects

When initially released, Dynamic Forms was a reason to celebrate for many of us…

Finally, we had a way to create user led, intuitive page layouts that show only what was needed. This did away with the congestion of unnecessary fields, however previously, this was only available for Custom Objects.

As of Winter ’23 some Standard Objects are being supported with Dynamic Forms; Account, Person Account, Contact and Opportunity. If utilising Dynamic Forms for any of your custom, or standard objects is of interest, do get in touch with the team.