Salesforce Winter 22 Release Highlights

As the summer months have drawn to a close, it’s that time again to grab a drink, put on your favourite jumper and find out more about some of the exciting new admin highlights that are coming to Salesforce in Winter22.

Flow Updates

Salesforce are introducing some powerful features to both Salesforce Flows and Flow Builder. There’s a lot to talk about here so we’ve just selected some of our favourite improvements. It is worth checking out the Salesforce Flow section for further details. A few highlights include:

Record-Triggered Flow

Setting up the record trigger flow start element used to be complex multi-faceted process. Now these steps have been merged and enhanced.

Send outbound messages with Flow

From Winter 22 you can now send outbound messages from a record-triggered flow, so if you have an external system that you used to send messages to, such as an external service when a high priority case or grant application has landed then perhaps this is now the way to do it.

Flow Orchestrator

Earlier this year it was announced that Flow Orchestrator will be introduced in its BETA phase. Admins can build sophisticated processes that involve multiple users, stages, and flows. All without writing any code. This allows us to move away from creating multiple processes to manage each step of awarding grants and means we can set up processes that to schedule payments, email notifications and document generation processes. Orchestrator is taking steps to bring all of these into one place.

Improved Einstein Search

All Einstein Search features are enabled by default, delivering three main features:

  1. Personalised returns that are relevant search results based on a user’s activity.
  2. Natural language search allowing users to type common words and phrases in their queries that filter results
  3. Actionable UI allowing users to carry out tasks from the search box (i.e., logging a case or creating an account/contact)

Improved Performance Analysis

Further enhancements have come in this release that is designed to help Admins improve the speed of their org. This may be a handy tool for organisations that have a lot of processes that run at certain stages and have a visible slowing down of the system that our Evolve team could then look into streamlining

Performance Analysis for App Builder gives you suggestions on improving performance. Admins can see their users’ performance metrics including network latency, browser speed, and number of cores. This is enabled to run automatically and will provide more detailed analysis if the org is using custom Lightning components.

Dynamic Interactions

Announced earlier this year, Admins can now build increasingly interactive Lightning pages with the help of Dynamic Interactions.

Applications can be built with components that communicate and transform based on user interactions. Events that occur in one component on a Lightning page, such as the user clicking an item, can dynamically update other components on the same page.

Read the Salesforce Winter ’22 release notes in full.