Salesforce Summer 22 Release Highlights

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…. It’s summer at last and guess what?  It’s Salesforce release time again.  The latest Salesforce release is jam-packed with exciting new features for admins.  Sit back, take your shades off and enjoy our release highlights for Summer 22. 

Dynamic related lists

Admins can now use the brand-new component Dynamic Related List – Single in Lightning App Builder.  This functionality allows for the creation of custom related lists that can be filtered to display on a record, only when specific, chosen criteria is met.  

This is a fantastic addition to the platform, previously an admin would have had to either use a managed package or build something entirely customer to achieve this functionality.  In addition, this component has full customisation capability within Lighting App Builder so there is no requirement to return to Page Layout editor.

For more information, Salesforce Ben has put together a brilliant demo that shows this in action. 

Enhanced report type selector

Finding the best report type to use has become easier with this update.  Enhanced report type selector allows Salesforce users to quickly access their recently-used report types and view the fields and objects included.  Whether the report type is standard or custom, these can be seen easily at a glance.  It is also possible to hide report types that are not needed, making your reporting easier to manage.  

Enhanced report type selector
Enhanced report type selector hide report types

Image Source – Salesforce release notes 

Edit multiple fields on the report run page

This is a really nice addition to Salesforce reporting functionality and certainly makes life easier!  

Statuses can be edited and data can be cleansed without the need to re-run reports.  Multiple records can be edited inline on the report run page.  Inline changes can be made in multiple rows or columns, and then saved, without running the report.  

Edit multiple fields in report

Experience cloud for nonprofits enhancement

Salesforce are continuously improving Experience Cloud for Nonprofits.  New donor portal functionality has been added in Summer 22 allowing donors to self-serve.  Donors can look up their donation history and view all donations for a particular time period (ie their tax year).  This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Experience Cloud can offer.  Experience Cloud for Nonprofits helps strengthen relationships and empowers your stakeholders in a number of different ways.  To find out more, get in touch with our team.  

Flow updates

New features are constantly being added to Salesforce Flow automation tool.  There’s a lot to talk about here so I’ve combined some of our favourites into a single section.  Before delving into updates, please do remember that at the end of 2022, Salesforce is retiring process builder and workflow rules.  Whilst current automations build using these will continue to run, customers may no longer create new automations using these tools.  Instead, new automations must be created using Flow.

Please do get in touch if you want to discuss this and how we can help you with the transition.


Formulas can now be used as flow entry conditions

In this release, Salesforce has included the option to use formulae as entry conditions.  A formula builder is available in the Start element of a record-triggered flow.  The builder then guides you through the syntax, simplifying the process.  We often see situations where a Flow needs to run on both Create and Update, but should only Update if a certain field has been changed. Before the inclusion of this feature, you would have had to create two separate Flows (one for create and one for update) and then link these through to a Subflow.  This new feature allows this process to be completed in a single flow using the IsNew() and IsChanged() formulae as entry criteria.  Fewer flows of course makes your system easier to manage.

Salesforce flow entry conditions

Image Source – Salesforce release notes

Add section headers to flow screens

This is a really nice UX addition allowing for easier, streamlined completion of screen flows for end users.  Section headers can now be added to Flow screens to help guide your users on the most important items.  These sections are collapsible but will be open by default.

Salesforce Flow section headers

Image Source – Salesforce release notes

Flow trigger explorer

This addition is a handy looking feature for admins.  Flow Trigger Explorer allows you to order record-triggered flows into a preferred order of execution.  this is particularly helpful if you have a high number of Flows executing simultaneously.  It gives the admin greater control in terms of when each Flow happens.

Flow testing and debugging

Prior to activating record-triggered flows, a test can be run to verify results and identify features, making it easier to build Flows to automate processes within Salesforce.  Currently this is still in BETA so it may not be fully complete but we are confident this will improve with future updates.  Once this is out of BETA, best practice will be to have automated tests set up for all Flows.