Salesforce Summer 19 Release Highlights

Summer 19 Release logo

The Salesforce Summer 2019 Release along with Pimms and BBQ’s are on the way! To save you the hassle of trawling through the release notes, grab a nice summery drink (or a cup of tea)  and read our release highlights. 

Lightning Experience Adoption: In- App Guidance and Help Menu 

This funky feature is currently in Beta but I suspect it is here to stay! By using clicks not code you can create your own prompts for users, allowing admins to remind users of new functionality and ways in which they can work.  Find the full details about this feature in the Release Notes

Power Up Related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists

Take related lists to the next level with Enhanced related lists, you can now show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns alongside performing mass actions and wrapping text. To find out how to power up your related lists, check out the Release Notes

Summer 19 Enhanced Related Lists

Choose from Two Record View Options

As lightning is here to stay, Salesforce have developed a “softer” way to transition to the “new world” by creating records view options. The new “Full” view offers a similar user experience to that of classic where as the “Grouped” view is the lightning feel we all have grown to love.  Check out the Release Notes for more information on how views can help your lightning transition.  In the image below 1 shows the full view that is similar to “classic” and image 2 shows the grouped classic view. 

Record View- Grouped v's Full

Zoom through related lists with Quick Filters

Use quick filters in your related lists to find the data that you are looking for . Quick filters aren’t saved and only exist for your current session and can not be shared but they really help you to drill down and find the records you are looking for. Check out the Release Notes to find out more. 

Lightning Quick Filters

Assign custom colours to hyperlinks

Salesforce Summer 19 release is focused on how you can change the look and feel of Salesforce to match your organisations branding. You can now complete your theme by defining hyperlink colours. Sadly this change is another lightning only feature. To enable the colour branding, head to the Themes and Branding section in Setup. For more information check out the Release Notes for this feature. 

Celebrate Success

Add a little fun and celebrate with some virtual confetti when a record reaches a designated path stage e.g. when a grant is completed. You can choose the frequency for those hard earned celebrations.  To turn on the confetti simply go to Path Settings.  Check out the release notes. 

Path Celebration

See more items on the navigation menus

The number of recent items shown in item menus is increasing to five! This is another feature which is having a styling update to include bold section names and separators to make it easier to tell different sections apart. 

Navigation Bar Menu

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