Salesforce Spring 19 Release

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Spring… those lighter evenings, warmer weather… Unless like last year we had 12 foot snow drifts to contend with and a cold spell that kept coming back. Anyway Salesforce Spring 19 offers a little a ray of sunshine in an otherwise grey and dreary February.  So grab a cup of tea, some leftover christmas chocolates and read our  Spring 19 highlights.  

Lightning is here to stay

Salesforce have announced that Lightning is going to be activated on a rolling basis starting in Winter ‘20. You can opt out of it by contacting support, but we highly recommend getting on-board with Lightning, as the constantly growing feature-set is well worth the initial time investment to migrate. For any more information on making the leap to Lightning, please contact our Evolve team.

Enjoy expanded data storage

Salesforce have listened to their users and have increased data storage from 1GB to a whopping 10GB minimum plus the usual allocation for users! Orgs will begin to see the increase in March 2019! 

Additional Storage Release Notes

Pinned list views

Again Salesforce have listened to their users and FINALLY you can change the default list view – and even better, each User can select their own default and update it whenever they want with handy pins. Finally an end to searching for your favourite list view.

Add custom resources to the help menu

Garry Willis, Evolve Manager here  at Hyphen8 likes this feature  because it’s intuitive – Users instinctively go towards the help menu when they need it and for heavily customised orgs the standard menu isn’t always that helpful. The ability to add Custom Resources opens up some great options for self-help within an organisation.

Lightning reporting improvements

So many improvements,  I couldn’t pick just one! As someone who loves building reports in the new Lightning report builder and activated it immediately upon release, i’m excited to be able to make joined reports, resize columns, input conditional formatting and stack summary fields to make matrix reports easier on the eyes. Lightning Report Release Notes

Conditional highlighting for reporting

Looking for a way to help staff easily identify grants or donations that need immediate attention? Want to know at a glance which Organisations  have grants valued between £100,000 and £500,000? Apply conditional formatting to summary or matrix reports in Lightning Experience to lend colour to your reports and gather insights at the same time.  release Notes  Conditional Highlighting Release Notes

Email template folders

You and your team can now organise email templates into more folders than just Private and Public. Also, nesting folders makes it easier to organise and find email template. Email Template Folders Release Notes