Salesforce Spotlight -Lightning Kanban View

Kanban is all about Visual Management.  Human beings are visual creatures.

Visual Management allows teams to see work in progress and understand complex information like processes, task relationships and risks.

Kanban View- Kanban

With the Kanban Display you can:

  • Visually see the work in progress (Project Statuses etc)
  • Instantly understand if there are issues
  • Improve Communication between yourself and others as everyone is looking at the same thing

Change from the standard List View to the Kanban view; which shows a pictorial representation of the view without having to run a report. 

  • Select the List View E.g. Partner Accounts
  • Change ‘Display As’ to Kanban 

Kanban View- Select View Type

  • Update the Kanban settings to ‘Summarize by’ and ‘Group By’ fields you want to show. E.g. Men’s Players and Region

Lightning Kanban Views - Select Settings

  • Add a new chart; again add in the Aggregate Field & Group and decide on the display format- Donut, Horizontal Bar or Vertical Bar. 

Kanban View - Kanban Graph

Kanban Considerations

  • The Kanban view displays a maximum of 200 cards.
  • Kanban cards display a maximum of four fields.
  • Columns aren’t created from inactive picklist fields. Records associated with inactive picklist values aren’t displayed in the Kanban view.
  • Summaries can only be created for numeric and currency fields that are not roll up summary or formula fields
  • Records are only displayed if the field selected for Group By is included on the page layout.
  • If a record has a null value for the Group By field, it won’t appear in the Kanban view.
  • You can’t group records by the Currency field.
  • Subtabs are created for record types if the Group By field is included on the record types page layout, and the record type has records associated with it.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality isn’t supported for touchscreens.
  • Mass actions can’t be performed in the Kanban view.
  • If a user doesn’t have access to update a record, the card is disabled and can’t be dragged to a different columns


  • Users receive alerts on opportunities with overdue tasks, no open activities, or no activity in the last 30 days. The alerts aren’t customizable.
  • Opportunities can’t be grouped by the Forecast Category field.


  • Leads can’t be converted in the Kanban view.
  • Columns aren’t created for any Lead Status value with a state of Converted.


  • Contracts can’t be activated in the Kanban view.
  • A column isn’t created for the standard Contract Status of Activated.
  • Contracts can’t be grouped by the Owner Expiration Notice field.


  • Knowledge articles can’t be grouped by owner.