Pardot User Story- Barts Hospital Charity

Our long Standing client Barts Hospital Charity have worked with us from their initial installation of Salesforce through to an evolve contract for support from the Hyphen8 team. When they started to look for a new marketing automation tool, Pardot was their preferred choice, I caught up with Felicity Christensen from Barts Hospital Charity to find out why they chose Pardot for their marketing automation and how Hyphen8 helped them get to grips with  their new system. 

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Pardot?

We were previously using Dotmailer to send emails which certainly had its challenges! The main bugbears were the really slow syncing with Salesforce and the very limited functionality when it came to automation, supporter email journeys and just generally working in harmony with prospect accounts in Salesforce. We are underway with ambitious plans to expand our challenge events portfolio, and so needed a marketing solution to meet this as well as something that could provide a slicker and integrated solution to the forms hosted on our website.

Why did you choose Pardot over the competition?

It was more a case of Pardot impressing us and working with our current setup to offer us much more than we were able to achieve at that time. 

What results have you seen since implementing Pardot? What business processes does this solution enhance, and how much does it reduce the cost and time to complete these particular processes?

We’ve seen increased engagement rates from emails since moving over to Pardot and we are now beginning to segment our audiences that sign up to receive our newsletters using embedded Pardot forms on our website, which is great. In terms of time reduction – our automated supporter email journeys (which are soon to be live and kicking!) will save us a lot of admin time and we are optimistic about the improved user experience and stewardship this will provide for our fundraisers. We are soon to move over to Salesforce Lightening which will give us access to the full suite of analytics which I’m really excited about.

What would you tell others who might be considering Pardot? Would you recommend Pardot and Hyphen8 to your peers?

I would say go for it – whether you have a modest but growing database as we do, or are communicating with tens of thousands – it offers a smart way to step-up your email marketing in many ways. I can’t comment on how it syncs with other CRM but with Salesforce it works brilliantly. Hyphen8 have been there with us the whole time, from early discussions around finding a better solution to meet our marketing email needs, to still being on hand and helping out with questions and queries along the way. Garry has been really great in helping us get to grips with Pardot, he’s always very quick to respond and proactive in finding the solutions we need.

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