Make A Difference Campaign

We like to go beyond what’s expected. Whether that’s for our own staff, making us the best Salesforce partner to work for, or celebrating our social purpose with our customers, we’re all about making a difference.

So, this summer, from May to the end of September, we’re sharing…

8% off our Accelerator list prices*

* Offer valid until 30/09/2023 and only for existing Hyphen8 Customers

Introducing Our Accelerators

Over the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing each of our Accelerators, telling you more about what each one can do, and how they’ve made a difference to our customers.

Our Tagging Accelerator lets you add multiple tags to any Salesforce record for simple categorisation and reporting. Especially useful if you want to classify and report on records according to geography, funding priorities, themes of impact, or specialism.

If you find yourself tackling a lot of repetitive manual entry to do with decision making, then our Decision Meeting Accelerator is for you. Set default values for application panels and enable automation on the same types of funding request through multiple decision meetings. All with a full audit trail.

If users struggle with filling in fields correctly, or you’re forever maintaining off-system documentation for your processes, then Dynamic Help could be just what you need. Add context-sensitive help on the screen when it’s needed the most. Guide your assessors with scoring and help those setting up your granting programmes with precise help next to tricky fields.

Our Dynamic Checks Accelerator simplifies processes by presenting checklists to your users in their workflow. Use it to help tick off eligibility assessment criteria, payment approval checks, and to work through application processing tasks.

If you need to import your finance records into another accounts system without a potentially complex and expensive direct integration, our Finance Export Accelerator is just what you need. Manage your payment approval processes in Salesforce and have full control over what is exported to your finance system.

If you want to better understand the DEI profile of your grantees and identify gaps in the demographic of your funding reach, take a look at our DEI Accelerator which helps you to capture and report on DEI in a manner consistent with the DEI Data Standard.

We’ve also developed two Accelerators that address niche areas of demand. Our Postcode IO accelerator validates postcodes across the UK, allowing you to effortlessly report on the geographical data associated with your grant records. If you need to validate account numbers and sort codes within Salesforce Flow, our Bank Account Checker can help with this.

Each of our Accelerators has been carefully designed by our funding and nonprofit experts. They address common needs and gaps in Salesforce functionality and have been proactively created based on feedback that our customers have given us.

They’re all flexible, scalable, easy to install and straightforward to maintain. And you’ll have peace of mind that we keep them constantly up to date in response to industry trends and feedback from our user community.

To find out more about how our Accelerators could help your organisation, please get in touch!