Introducing the Team: David Bradburn

How long have you been at Hyphen8?

I’ve been with Hyphen8 for 4 years now.

How did your Salesforce Journey begin?

It was all down to a recommendation from a work colleague. I was previously a Test Analyst back with me previous employer, and when my long term legacy project was coming to an end, I was approached to join the Salesforce team. Having did a little research, I was sucked in by the platform and it’s capabilities. This change also saw me transition from a Test Analyst, to Salesforce Admin, and then to Salesforce Developer.

What is your favourite Trailhead badge and why?

For this, I would choose ‘Salesforce Flow’, because Flows are powerful, and have improved a lot since I took this badge (2018). Flows now have the ability to run in various different contexts, updating, creating, and deleting records, along with sending emails, creating tasks and soo much more!

What inspired you to work with Nonprofits?

This is an easy one. Help those who help others. I’d much rather be working hard everyday, to help Non Profits and Charities get the most out of their platform and solutions, with hopes that this makes their day to day jobs that little bit better.

I love doing my part to help Charities and have taken part in countless charitable events in the past. Being able to work with non-profits and charities as part of my day job, is amazing!

What is your Hyphen8 Highlight so far?

This one is tough!! But I would put this down to numerous occasions. As we all work remotely, we do not get to see each other overly often. Therefore, my highlights are when we get to meet up as a team, have a real catch up and a good time, and the chance to improve our working relationships and friendships even further. We tend to meet up every quarter for team events, and thanks to Covid-19, none of us have seen each other face to face for over a year now. So I’m really looking forward to the next meetup, whenever that may be.

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