Introducing Richard Gerrard to the Hyphen8 team.

Richard Gerrard

The Hyphen8 team has grown again. This time we welcome Berkshire’s Richard Gerrard to Hyphen8 team. Richard joins the team as a Solutions Consultant. I of course had to find out some more about Richard and how his Salesforce journey started.

How did your Salesforce Journey begin?
Like many I started as a User. Due to the fluid nature of the company I was working for I ended up working in several different roles / depts & getting a good understanding of each & how they used Salesforce, so that when they were looking for someone to transition into more of a training role I was recommended. I ran the global new hire Salesforce training along with the periodical system updates & as a result of that people would come to me with questions or problems, so it naturally transitioned into a more admin / consultant role which I preferred to the training so ran with that & here I am today.

Salesforces Online Learning Platform Trailhead

What is your favourite Trailhead badge and why?
Flow builder  – a great introduction to this powerful feature that can be daunting even for experienced admins. Many are worried or steer clear of them, but you can do so much with them that you would have had to turn to code to otherwise.

What inspired you to work with Nonprofits? 
I initially entered the non-profit world by chance but as soon as I had I knew it was the place for me. Being able to help charities large or small achieve their goals is extremely rewarding.
DataLoader IO
What is your favourite Free Salesforce AppExchange App and why? – takes a lot of the pain out of dataloading. You can find out more about data loader io here
What is your favourite Salesforce feature you love and think more people should know about?
Chatter – many dismiss it as extra ‘noise’, but retaining conversations & discussions within Salesforce, on specific records is great for collaboration & understanding.  

What is your Hyphen8 Highlight so far? 
The Xmas get together was a great opportunity to meet & mingle with my new colleagues (I’d only been at Hyphen8 for 2 weeks) whilst having some fun. 

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