Introducing Gemma Daley to the Hyphen8 team

The Hyphen8 team has grown again. Introducing  Gemma Daley who has joined the Evolve team here at Hyphen8. I let Gemma settle in before finding some more about how her and how her Salesforce journey began. 

Gemma Daley
How did your Salesforce Journey begin?I’ve always had one toe in the Salesforce world, my husband and some of my best friends are all Salesforce consultants. I guess my own journey really started when I joined a Salesforce consultancy as a regular office admin where I was surrounded by Salesforce every day.  I was sitting in the same part of the office as the managed service team and I would be intrigued by the technical conversations I would overhear them having with customers.  I signed up to Trailhead to learn more and after working through a few trails I thought – ‘I could do this!’ so I challenged myself and signed up for the admin exam…  The rest, they say, is history.
What is your favourite Trailhead badge and why?It’s gotta be the ‘Add Sound Effects to Your Salesforce Org’ trail which was part of the TrailSHRED challenge. Because who wouldn’t want a celebratory fanfare to sound when they win an opportunity! You can have a go at Adding Sound effects to your org too by following this  Trailhead Trail.
What inspired you to work with Nonprofits?I’ve worked for a few charities in the past, inc. the RSPB & Barnardos, so I understand how a small, simple change to an everyday process can save time and resources and make a big impact on the services the charity provide. Working at Hyphen8 where we get to be involved with multiple different non-profits, helping them streamline and be able to spend their time on the things that make a difference AND being able to solve puzzles, working out the best wait to meet their requirements, is a win-win for me.
What is your Hyphen8 Highlight so far?Getting to use new tools I hadn’t encountered before, such as FormAssembly, and learning how to integrate these with Salesforce. The team are all super friendly so whenever I’ve had a question they’ve always been happy to help.  

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