Innovation: Notifications

Everything we do today on the web is focused on how you make sure your visitors see the important content or read your important messages. It’s a principle of web design and marketing that marketers, content designers and developers spend a lot of time and money working on. In our eyes Salesforce and your data is no different, if you are a:

  • Head of Fundraising and you have an important donor that only the CEO should contact;
  • Fund/Programme Manager and there is a suspected fraud case for one of your grantees;
  • Funding Officer that wants to ensure Finance know not to process a payment;

These feel like they are important that if unknown could affect your relationship or reputation. So this information really should be made visible for all members of staff to see when viewing records in your Salesforce. 

Salesforce is highly configurable and there are many different ways of handling this as an administrator using their declarative tools:

  • Visual Flow
  • Quick Action
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Lightning App Builder HTML Component
  • Lightning App Builder RichText Component

These are great tools fantastic even and with a little bit of knowledge and some time you can create a very good message on a record. But creating a single version of the above that will work across any record and dynamically display these messages is a bit harder and requires a bit more knowledge.

Over the years this requirement has cropped up a lot albeit in different situations and with slightly different requirements the key principle is the same “I want to display a clear message about this record or a parent record”.

This is why we built our Notification component. This was originally developed many years ago and we’ve been using it throughout our 90+ implementations. Each time Salesforce release new functionality that can enhance the component we upgrade it.

So, what can it do?

  • Output the contents of any field on the record you are currently on
  • Output the contents of any field from the parent or grand parent record
  • Define the colour using the Salesforce branding and colours available within the Lightning design system.
  • Uses native Salesforce Visibility controls so you can control who sees what when.

Sound good? Keen to learn more? 

Then get in touch and a member of our team will give you a demo.

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Disclaimer: This component does not take away from the need to understand your data nor understanding when or what tool is right for the job. In the case of the CEO only contact there are other programmatic ways of handling this through sharing rules or roles to hide the data from staff to prevent contact.