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Supporting and helping users is key to having a system that is adopted, utilised and even loved by its users. Users don’t want to spend ages trying to solve a simple query by trawling through pages and pages of a help document.

That’s why Hyphen8  have developed some in app help messages, these help users to know what they need to do and when.  These help messages can be served up to the end user in a really handy way, these messages could even direct them to the page of the help document or a link to a video showing the process.

Help Messages is a simple tool that allow you to dynamically display help messages on page dependant on different configurations of record. i.e. Opportunity Recordtype = Donation and Status = Pledged.

As Help Messages have their own filter criteria, you have a whole host of messages per object, which display dependant on the state of the record.
You can display a series of help messages for staff to help them with what their next steps are and general advice / guidance.
The tool also provides two Permissions Sets. One for editors, and one for readers / general users. The Editor Permissions Set allows users to directly edit messages from any screen where they are displayed, along with publishing draft messages, and un-publishing messages.

What Can it do?

For Salesforce Orgs using Lightning, this tool can be extremely helpful in order to display useful dynamic content / guidance on any object record page. 

The following list details what the Help Messages component has to offer:

  • Easy configuration
  • Dynamic Help Messages using AND / OR  Filter records
  • Available on any Object
  • Viewer and Editor Permission Sets
  • Edit Messages from a record, or from the Help Salesforce App
  • Reportable
  • Transform your offline guidance documentation into dynamic Salesforce content

Sound good? Keen to learn more? 

Then get in touch and a member of our team will give you a demo.

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