Hyphen8 update – Covid-19

We appreciate that in response to the recommendations to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many of our customers are currently going through the disruption of office closures and are adjusting to working from home.

I would like to re-assure you that Hyphen8 is committed to providing whatever additional support we can.  As a virtual company, all of our team already work from home so effectively the majority of our services can continue business as usual. 

We have had to make some adjustments to ensure the continued safety of our staff and to recognise the needs of our customers:

  • No on-site visits to customer offices for meetings, workshops and training sessions are being planned. Instead, these are being conducted online via screen-sharing sessions
  • We have increased our flexibility with regard to project and delivery timings to reflect customer priorities
  • We can provide additional system support provision where required to fill gaps where customer capacity is reduced
  • If some of the work you do is on hold or restricted, why not schedule some online knowledge-sharing sessions with Hyphen8? Alternatively, boost your Salesforce knowledge on trailhead.com

If you need any tips or guidance on working from home, please do reach out as we are old hands at this having done it for many years. 

Please do let us know if there is any way we can provide additional support during this challenging time.

Best regards, 
Elaine Forth, CEO

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