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On my first day with Hyphen8, I was dropped a bit of advice that’s stuck with me: the purpose of collaboration in consultancy is for us to do more together than it would be possible to do on our own.

And it’s with this spirit that we’ve been reigniting the Hyphen8 Funders Collaboration Group. As we gain momentum, we’re openly inviting all our funders to join the community, contribute to the discussion, learn from your peers, and help shape how the group adds value for you.

Our Funders Collaboration Group is a safe and collegiate space that brings together all of the diverse funders that Hyphen8 works with to share ideas, challenges and opportunities with one another. Since starting the group in 2021, Hyphen8 has introduced topics for discussion such as user engagement, service design, modern grantmaking and engaging with external stakeholders. We also held an in-person event in September 2022 in Salesforce Tower, which was really well attended and we heard so many of you found valuable.

We’d like to repeat the success of these engagements with themed monthly discussion groups, sparking some light-bulb moments on our Teams site, and catalysing relationships between you all to see what collaboration might naturally be possible.

If you’re already a member of the Funders Collaboration Group, you’ll see on Teams that our March meeting discussed, amongst a number of topics:

  • a desire to show / see other funders’ Salesforce environments to see how they’re setup
  • requests for focussed future sessions on CRM Analytics and GDPR
  • targeted staff training and development of grants-specific help in Salesforce
  • how our Tagging Accelerator can help inform data-driven decisions for funding programme development and grant portfolio management

Since then, we’ve been connecting like-minded funders who want to learn more from one another, and exploring internally how Hyphen8 can deliver on what we hear you’re wanting.

If you like the sound of this, please fill in this form to be added to the Funders Collaboration Group if you aren’t a member already, or if you don’t have access to our Teams site. And feel free to get in touch with me on email if you have any questions.

Brian Yim Lim

Head of Customer Success

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After our recent Grant Management event at Salesforce Tower, we had the following feedback from grantmakers when asked “What did you like most about the event?”

The ability to meet with other charities outside my normal network, share ideas and issues, and realise that we all have similar problems and are happy to share ways to solve them
Being able to network with other organisations designing similar systems and facing similar issues was really helpful, and hearing from foundations at different stages of the process of designing and implementing a new system
Meeting Hyphen8 people and seeing that they are real people! Plus having the chance to discuss Salesforce with other organisations who use it and to learn how much more can be done with it.
Having the time and space to speak to other Funders and meet some of the Hyphen8 team
Seeing what other funders’ systems looked like on the screen – I would have liked even more of that, it’s great to see the art of the possible
The ability to share with others can be hard unless you spend a lot of time convening external meetings. Having a business that already has those relationships and is willing to help is greatly appreciated