Embracing Our Values in 2023

Cheers to another fantastic year at Hyphen8 and heartfelt gratitude to our cherished customers! 🥂 

As we bid farewell to 2023, let's take a moment to reflect on how the Hyphen8 team continue to live and breathe our 8 core values. 

#1 Take Pride in What We Do

Our commitment to the nonprofit community is unwavering. Whether you're approaching us for the first time, or you're an ongoing support customer, our team ensures every interaction is filled with care and dedication. 

Taking pride in our work isn't just a value; it's the key to delivering exceptional service that leaves our customers feeling supported and valued. Customer success is at the heart of everything we do, and success only comes when we’re walking away from our screens at the end of the day, beaming from ear-to-ear! 

#2 Think Creatively

Navigating the challenges of the nonprofit sector requires creative thought and innovation, and we embrace this wholeheartedly.  

This is a value that is shared by all our team, and a great example of us doing this in action is our Service Design Team. The Service Design team exemplify this value with their creative work. They've helped numerous customers redesign solutions this year, through collaboration to address their unique needs. Maybe your organisation has a service that needs a fresh perspective in 2024? Our Service Design team is here to ignite that creativity and make it happen! 

#3 Make a Difference

The "8" in Hyphen8 represents more than just a name; it's our pledge to donate 8% of our profits to support nonprofits. Beyond financial contributions, our team actively engages in charitable endeavors, supporting causes close to our hearts. From climbing peaks, to jumping out of planes, to volunteering, we're making a positive impact on the world.

Our HyphenEarth initiative further demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility, striving for negative carbon emissions.

Pictured here is Garry jumping out of a plane, fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities UK. 

Garry is skydiving through the sky with another man, you can see the land and it's curvature below.

#4 Support Each Other

Hyphen8 isn't just a workplace; it's a community of like-minded individuals built on support, inclusivity, and fun. Our strong bonds are nurtured through our regular check-ins, well-being calls, and coffee catch-ups. 

The launch of our Community of Practices in 2023 is a testament to our commitment to knowledge-sharing and collaboration, fostering personal and professional growth. Some of the CoPs we’ve launched this year include: 

  • “Funding is Fun” (dedicated to sharing knowledge about the Funding environment) 
  • “Core Admins” (dedicated to sharing knowledge about Admin skills on Salesforce)
  • “Women in Tech” (dedicated to discussing and overcoming the challenges faced by women, closing the gap for women working in the tech industry) 

#5 Nurture Personal Development

Diversity of skills is our strength, and we take pride in fostering this through personal and professional growth. Through personalised development plans and quarterly learning days, our team members have achieved numerous certifications on the Salesforce platform. We're not just about technology; we're also committed to understanding the grant-making sector better, expanding our knowledge and better understanding our customers. 

Here's Tom and Joel learning more about Grantmaking, with Tom Steinberg and Gemma Bull at the Modern Grantmaking Workshop in November 2023 

Four people stand and smile at the camera in a training room.

#6 Share Our Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is embedded in our DNA. Encouraging self-sufficiency throughout our customer base is one of the core pillars of our ethos. Our Evolve support team have been great at sharing knowledge with our customers, actively engaging, addressing their training requests and sharing insights to foster self-sufficiency. Perhaps you need support for your Salesforce system? Reach out, and our team (pictured here on the London Eye!) will be happy to help! 

A group of people look at the camera inside the London Eye

#7 Celebrate Achievement

Certifications, successful projects, and positive customer feedback – we celebrate them all! Our Microsoft Teams channels light up with joy and celebration when someone achieves a Certification milestone or when we get a glowing CSAT review from our customers. 

Screenshot 2023-12-11 110523

#8 Don't Forget to Have Fun!

While achieving business goals is crucial, having fun is equally important! We've cranked up the fun dial throughout 2023, from our Summer Social team trip to Mottram Hall to various shindigs sprinkled throughout the year. 

As we move into 2024, we're full of pride for what we've accomplished together. Here's to more growth, wins, and staying true to our values. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with excitement and prosperity! 🎉