Dynamic Related Lists: A Deep Dive

Dynamic Related Lists is a feature that showcases Salesforce’s commitment to improving the end user’s experience – a powerful tool for displaying only the related records that matter. In this article we explain what Dynamic Related Lists are, so you can make the most of this feature in your own Salesforce Org.

What are they?

To understand what Dynamic Related Lists are, we must first start with understanding Salesforce’s regular related lists… Related lists are collections of records that are linked to the current record you’re looking at. For example, you might see a related list which shows all Opportunities that are linked to an Account.

a non Dynamic Related Lists

When multiple records are displayed, the user’s experience can become a little confused… Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to create a related list that only shows the records you need to see at that moment? Well, that’s where Dynamic Related Lists come in!

How do they work?

Dynamic Related Lists help Salesforce users filter out the noise and focus on the records that matter most. Part of the suite of ‘Dynamic’ Salesforce features, this feature will allow Admins to design smart, responsive related lists that only show relevant and appropriate records based on the filters they define. They are supported for key objects (Contact, Account, Opportunity, Lead, Case) and custom objects.

Using our Opportunities example from earlier, perhaps you’re a nonprofit that manages your income through Salesforce Opportunities… an Administrator may set up a Dynamic Related List on an Account that shows only the “Closed Won” opportunities on a record page, so that only successful income streams are visible. This could be useful for those in charge of balancing the books!*

*n.b. this is only a single use case – I’m sure you could think of many more!

Dynamic Related Lists configuration

How do I get started?

An Admin can configure a Dynamic Related List entirely as a component within the Lightning Page Layout Editor. Here, they can define filter criteria and set up the list to appear how as needed on their record pages. If you’re an Admin and are curious about trying this yourself, here is a fantastic video produced by Salesforce Ben providing a tutorial. Why not give it a watch?

If you want to delve deeper and explore how Dynamic Related Lists and some of the other Dynamic functionality offered by Salesforce may benefit your team, our Service Design Team and Evolve Team can help. Our Service Design Team can research and test how pages and lists could be set up to be most user-friendly, and the Evolve Team can work with you to implement those changes.

For help getting started with Dynamic Related Lists, get in touch!

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