Become a Trailblazer

Salesforce revolutionised the way in which you can learn about Salesforce when it launched Trailhead back in 2016. I remember the days before trailhead where the best way to learn salesforce was sitting on a four day course in Staines Upon Thames. But now thanks to Trailhead you can take the learning to your Laptop and smartphone anywhere at anytime!

Trailhead has a fantastic breakdown of resources available, you can partake in a specific course e.g. Beginner Admin, Pardot Specialist or you can pick and choose modules to complete e.g.

Not only does Trailhead have Salesforce related content it also has a plethora of other business training material, e.g. management tips etc.

Each module contains a challenge, these are either hands on challenges or challenges to complete in your playground. Your trailhead playground is a developer org that is separate to your production org and means you can get hands on practical experience of that element of Salesforce without having to build it in the live production environment.
Each challenge is weighted with points and points mean prizes! Well actually they don’t, points add up to certain rankings on the trailhead community, with Ranger status being the top ranking.

Salesforce have also recently launched MyTrailhead which is a portal where organisations can utilise the salesforce Trailhead platform to train their employees. Organisations can create content and challenges for employees.
Alongside creating the content and quizzes you can monitor what badges an employee has earned all from within Salesforce. Yon can even set them a list of modules to complete, which means its a great way to constantly monitor employees professional development .

Not only do we have a huge plethora of Trailhead content to work through we also have other Trailblazers and the Trailblazer Community. 

The Trailblazer community is filled with other users just like you! Users can ask questions to other Salesforce users, Partners and MVP’s (Most Valued Person) these MVP’s are nominated by the Salesforce Trailhead community as they are often some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on the community.