App Spotlight: Field Trip

Field I first discovered Field Trip when I had just started my first proper Admin job, my first “task” was to complete a Salesforce Audit to see how we could tidy up the org for the hundreds of different end users. Salesforce had been there from the very beginning, over 10 years ago and therefore sales processes had changed in the evolution of the business. 

Each of the record types were reaching the maximum number of fields so we needed to start to remove fields. I remember thinking (and feeling very daunted), “how on earth  do i know what fields are not being used across the business?”

I remember asking for help on the Trailblazers Solo Admin group where I asked for some help. And Field Trip was suggested so you can say the rest is history! 

What is field trip?

Field Trip allows you to achieve a clutter free page layout you could dream about! Field Trip enables an admin to analyse the fields on an object by running a report on the field usage. You can add in filters to subset the results, e.g. record types. 

Once you have installed Field Trip, it is really straightforward to use , simply select the object and add any filters you wish to add, You will then receive a report detailing the  field usage (or lack of use). This is also dated with the filed creation date so you can really dig into the usage of the fields. The report is exportable, so perfect to take to leadership to discuss which fields to remove from Page Layouts etc. 

How do I get Field Trip?

Field Trip is available from the Salesforce App Exchange, it is a FREE app, but make sure you read all the documentation and install instructions thoroughly. Make sure you test in a Sandbox before installing in your production environment. Also with any listing on the App Exchange you can read the reviews, a little like buying something from Amazon!

Field Trip Appexchange Listing

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