5 Ways to Use Your Evolve Support Time… That You May Not Have Thought Of!

We're dedicated to helping you to optimise your resources to achieve your mission. Our Salesforce support service, Evolve, was designed with this in mind, offering the flexibility for you to use pre-purchased time for a range of Salesforce-related support needs – from development to configuration and of course, general support.

If you’re already an Evolve customer, you're likely familiar with using your Evolve support time for the above, but there's a wealth of ways in which you could engage with our Evolve service… that you may not have thought of!

In this blog, we'll delve into five creative ways to leverage your Evolve time, elevate your organisational success, and help you maximise your impact.

Try something new

#1 Retainers for Key Dates​

Ever felt the pressure of big days, like critical application deadlines or new programme launches? Instead of raising support cases if/when challenges arise, why not consider employing your Evolve time strategically to avoid our case queue? Allocate a day of your support allowance to have a skilled member of our team on standby for that day, ready to provide dedicated support within a specified timeframe. This proactive approach is there to help you ensure you have expert assistance readily available, ensuring your users and stakeholders have a smooth experience!


#2 Personalised Training Sessions

Unleash the full potential of your Salesforce Org with tailored training sessions from our Evolve team. Whether you're aiming to understand a specific part of your system better, or seeking to understand something that Salesforce offers (which you have not yet implemented), tailored training sessions can be customised to cater to your needs. These sessions can also be recorded, allowing your organisation to revisit and share the valuable insights gained with the rest of the team or with new starters!


#3 Evolve360: Your Organisational Roadmap​

A comprehensive roadmap guiding your organisation's Salesforce journey…. curated by Salesforce experts! By using a few days of your support allowance, our team can delve into your Salesforce org and produce a comprehensive recommendation document outlining steps forward to optimisation of your system. This top-level analysis not only provides actionable insights, but also aligns your nonprofit with best practices and standards.


#4 Leverage Hyphen8’s Service Design Team​

Could your organisational processes be streamlined? Our Service Design team is here to help! If unused Evolve hours are accumulating, why not allocate them toward exploring and refining the processes that underpin your system? Collaborate with our nonprofit experts who specialise in analysing and enhancing processes, enabling your nonprofit to create impactful change. We could help you transform your processes to increase efficiency, design a new service, launch a new programme, or even spend time with your stakeholders to understand how they experience your services.


#5 Enhanced User Experience (UX) and Accessibility​

A user-friendly experience and accessibility for your users is pivotal for your organisation’s success, and you can use your Evolve time to achieve this Hyphen8 has a dedicated UX Designer who can collaborate closely with you to implement design enhancements, optimise navigation, and ensure your system is accessible to all.  Or we can help you set up native features you are not taking advantage of such as dynamic forms to tailor page content dynamically for specific roles or stages in your process.



If any of the above Evolve time use cases appeal to you (and you're already part of our Evolve family!) simply raise a case through the usual channels.

If you're not yet an Evolve customer but are interested in learning more, reach out and connect with us. We look forward to speaking to you soon!