Salesforce Spring 20 Release Highlights

Salesforce Spring 20 Logo

Wow, how are we at the next release already? The days are starting to get a little bit longer so it must mean that Spring is on its way. This Spring 20 release is jam packed full of some really useful additions for both users and admins in this Spring 20 release highlights blog we will take a look around some of these features. 

If you want to take a deeper dive into all the new features across all the Salesforce platforms in the Spring 20 release, please check out the full release notes. 

Assign your task to a queue

Start to share your workload by setting up queues for tasks. You can easily assign tasks to a shared queue so that individuals can take ownership of a task from the list view. Users can manually assign a task to the queue or you can use process builder to assign the tasks to the queue.  Assigning tasks is only available in Lightning.  For more information on assigning tasks please see the Release Notes

Assign a task screen shot

Clone Objects Along with Their Related Records

I have been waiting for this feature to be added for ages! The clone with related action makes it so much simpler to clone a record with related objects. All of the original related records are also added to the cloned object, Perfect for Membership renewals etc. 

Users must have the create permission on the object and read access to the record that they wish to clone.  

Clone objects with related records is only available in Lightning. 

To find out more information on this feature, please read the Release Notes.

Clone objects with related records

Get Rid of the Trash in One Step

Previously you used to have to select each item individually to delete them, or step back in time by switching to Salesforce Classic to permanently delete all the items at once.

Now you get get rid of the rubbish in one single click.

Users must have the modify all data permission in order to do this and this feature is only available in lightning.  

For more information on this feature, please see the release notes.

Another new feature for the recycle bin, is that you can now manage your deleted reports and dashboards, you can now view, restore and permanently delete reports and dashboards. 

Empty the recycle bin in one step

View and Edit Case Details from the list view with case hover

This is a great time saving addition for case users. They can now preview, edit and delete a case directly from the list view with a compact preview that appears upon hovering on the case subject.

This feature is only available in lightning.

Please read the  release notes for more information on this feature. 

View and edit case details from the list view with case hover

Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

This feature is in Beta so is a preview of the feature. The feature is not guaranteed to be part of general availability. 

This is a really handy little feature, how many times have you wanted to send report subscribers the formatted spreadsheet?  In this BETA preview, a new option allows your subscribers to choose to receive results as a formatted spreadsheet attached to the subscription email. The email itself will contain high level report details , plus a link back to the full report in Salesforce. For more information please check out the Release Notes.

Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

Run Flows Without Worrying About User Permissions with System Mode

This feature is one for the admins among us. Normally how a flow is launched determines if the flow runs in the context of the user or the system. Now you can bypass the running user’s permissions by setting your flow to run in system context with sharing. The flow will still respect org wide default settings, role hierarchies, sharing rules, manual sharing, territories and teams, but it ignores object permissions, field level access or other permissions of the running user. For more information check out this features Release Notes 

Run Flows Without Worrying About User Permissions with System Mode

Merge Duplicate Cases to clean up the clutter

Duplicates always clutter up systems. Now you can merge your duplicate cases like you can merge your duplicate accounts and contacts. You can merge upto three duplicate cases, so you can get rid of that clutter. 

For more information on this feature, please check out the release notes for case merge. 

Major Upgrade for Salesforce Mobile App

In Spring 20 all Salesforce mobile app users will get upgraded to the new Salesforce Mobile App. Get quick access to the items you use the most with a new customisable navigation bar. Searching gets so much easier with Einstein Voice assistant (Beta) ready to help you find what you want. 

Link sharing makes it so much easier to share information from the app. 

Salesforce Mobile App Navigation Menu Upgrade

Navigate to a records create page with Default Field Values

Again this one is for the advanced admins among us, you can now URL “Hack” once more in lightning.  You can construct a custom button or link that launches a new record with pre populated field values. You can use the sample formula below.  For more information about this feature please check out the release notes.

URL Hack to a record

That concludes our favourite Spring 20 highlights. But make sure you check out our other blog posts.