Introducing Phil Burke to the Hyphen8 team

Phil Burke has joined the Hyphen8 Salesforce Consultancy team, so I gave him a grilling to find out some more about Phil.

Phil Burke
How did your Salesforce Journey begin?I began my Salesforce journey almost by chance.  While working for Accenture in Newcastle I was asked if I’d be interested in going to an internal Cloud seminar for a day.  I said yes, knowing very little about Cloud then (this was back in 2012).  I enjoyed the day, not thinking much more would come of it (I was working on a governmental project using Oracle).  A few months later i was asked if I’d like to get involved in a real-life project that Accenture was in the latter stages of completion and I jumped at the chance. From that point on, i rolled off the Oracle Project and moved to Salesforce permanently.    What is your favourite Trailhead badge?Most i have enjoyed doing, but Apex Specialist is one I enjoyed most (I need to do more!)
Apex Specialist Trailhead Badge
What inspired you to work with Nonprofits?I’d heard really great things about Hyphen8 from the guys i already knew who work here, and although this company is a business,  i do genuinely think the work done by everyone here will help NonProfits greatly in getting grants paid which is the ultimate goal. What is your Hyphen8 Highlight so far? Probably getting out and meeting Tyne and Wear Community Foundation team, still bizarre their office is right at the end of my street, almost surreal, having walked past the office a million times!

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