Innovation: Simple Tags

A very simple solution to providing tagging that is reportable in Salesforce.

Since the switch to Lightning the easy ability to take a record without using Topics in chatter and then report on them has been limited. This simple application fills that gap. We see this requirement come up a lot in the Nonprofit world – the need to tag a grant based on theme, category, location and potentially funder. This can be achieved with dependent multi-select picklists but reporting on them is a pain.

What can it do?

Simple Tags allow you to define as many tags as you wish using the Tags Tab. These tags can then be easily added to records using the Simple Tags Lightning Component. 

The Lightning component allows you to search for existing Tags, and add them to the record. These tags can also be easily remove from a record. The tags on records are easily identified as pills in the Lightning Component. 

Reporting on records and tags are easy. As tags is it’s own object, you simply just need to use a Report Type which includes the Tags relationship. 

Likewise, navigating to a Tag within the Tags tab, will show you all of the records which have that particular Tag assigned. 

Furthermore, the Simple Tags component, can be used on any object, custom or standard, with little configuration. Out of the box, the Simple Tags component is configured for use with Accounts

How do i get it?

If you are interested in the Editable Related List component, then please do get in touch with us here at Hyphen8, and we can discuss implementation with you. Simply email: or get in touch by contacting the team.