A Roadmap for Success in 2024

Evolve360: A roadmap to success with Salesforce in 2024 

As we reach December, many of us start to reflect on the year gone by and consider how we’ll do things differently next year. You may also be wondering...

How should we use our remaining Evolve time? 

Dive into this blog to explore our tailored review service: Evolve360, which will set your Salesforce Organisation on the right track in 2024 😊    

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What is Evolve360?

Put simply, Evolve360 is a personalised 360° review and recommendation offer that Hyphen8 have designed to improve your Salesforce development and help you create a clear roadmap going forward.  

One of our Solution Consultants will spend around 3 of your remaining Evolve days* reviewing the state of play of your Salesforce Org, and will produce a report document with recommendations to help you make efficiencies and implement the best Salesforce practice. 

The reporting document will give you a top-level analysis of your Salesforce org, complete with actionable insights and suggested steps for improvements, including time estimates. This report will shed light on the current structure of your Org and suggest steps to propel it forward towards optimisation.  

Focus Areas

Hyphen8's comprehensive and well-rounded Evolve360 review will focus on numerous aspects of your Salesforce Org, including:  

Functionality Updates: We discover and suggest improvements for any outdated functionality or areas of the system that need updating to run more smoothly.

User Experience Enhancement: Our experts review existing page layouts to suggest refinements, to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for your team.

Automation Alignment: In line with the recent Process Builder/Workflow Rules retirement, we review existing automations to align with the latest standards and best practices.

Hyphen8 Accelerators: We assess your system for areas where Hyphen8's Accelerator solutions can enhance user experience (UX), providing you with recommendations for implementation.

Package and License Optimisation: Our team reviews any installed packages and their usage, offering recommendations where needed. We also analyse license usage to ensure optimal allocation of your resources.

Staying ahead

What comes next? Delivering the Evolve360 report is just the beginning. At Hyphen8, our Evolve consultants and Customer Success Manager can work with you beyond this initial reporting phase to collaborate and help plan how the suggested improvements can be implemented. 

We understand the importance of having a clear roadmap in place to guide you with your Salesforce development alongside any planned activity you have for 2024, and we firmly believe this is the basis for a successful 2024 Salesforce Journey.  

When it comes to Salesforce development, staying ahead is not only an advantage; it's a necessity. 

Evolve360 will empower your organisation to make informed decisions, implement best practice, and set the stage for success.  We heard from Amy at MACS Charity what it meant for them:

“Hyphen8’s Evolve360 Review helped MACS to better understand our Salesforce system and provided us with a clear plan of action towards continual improvement and helped us make the most from the software. It was a really helpful process to go through with Hyphen8, we'd recommend giving it a go.”

Amy Francombe, Fundraising and Communications Manager from MACS Charity

*(The exact amount of time required will be dependent on the complexity of your org and any specific areas you would like us to review.) 


Do you want to embark on a journey towards a more optimised and efficient Salesforce Org?

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And get ahead for 2024!