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Why do so many grant-makers choose Hyphen8?

We are proud to have earned our position as the number one choice of Salesforce implementation partner for grant-making organisations in the UK.

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Service design consultancy

In 2020 we launched our service design practice to help funders focus on simplicity and accessibility for users. Our consultants joined us directly from key roles in nonprofits with 30+ years of experience.

Our talented innovators continually add to our range of accelerators designed to speed up configuration to keep costs down. Each of them are easy to manage by your internal system administrators and to work in harmony with Salesforce grant management.

Dynamic Checks

Work through checklists relevant to each stage of the grant lifecycle

Flexible Assessment

Build assessment questions for different programmes and assessors

Programme hub

Control programme-specific requirements and settings for flexible control and quick changes


Simple creation of tags to be linked to any record for categorisation and reporting such as interests, themes

Decision meeting

Bulk add funding requests to meetings of all types for quick decision data entry

On screen help

Step by step on-screen guidance built into each workflow process

Risk management

Record and generate visual alerts for levels of risks related to organisations, contacts and funding requests

Finance batching

Batch grant commitments and payments to generate a formatted export file for accounts

Meet our grant management thought leaders

We are proud to help nonprofits to adopt best practice and increase their efficiency by improving service to save both time and costs. Our team has broad and diverse grant management expertise combining consultancy, technical innovation and direct grant-making experience.

Elaine Forth

Daniel Probert

Angela Murray

Jacqui Lowe

Grant management specialists


Programme & call management
Application forms
Budget submission
Idea, Stage 1 and 2


Due diligence
Peer review
Assessor assignment
Dynamic assessment


Decision meeting management
Requirements / conditions
Communication templates
Grant acceptance
Delegated approvals


Payment & fund management
Batch export file
Cancellations, write-backs & recovery
Split partner funding
Bank details verification


Progress & impact monitoring
Risk investigation
Variation management
Transfers / mergers


360Giving export
KPI & outcomes tracking
Data warehouse integration
Web integration

“The additional value of having Hyphen8 and what you brought to the project with regard to sector knowledge and recent experience you had delivering Salesforce systems to similar charities was one of the deciding factors of choosing Salesforce”

James Morris, Impact and Investment Product Manager, Comic Relief