The Froebel Trust aims to promote for the public benefit the advancement and understanding of Froebelian principles of education in learning within the UK and internationally.

The Challenge

The Froebel Trust’s current process for grants was an entirely manual process which relied heavily on a combination of paper forms and excel spreadsheets which took a lot of time and effort to complete.

  1. Applicants had to collect or download paper forms, fill these out and then send them in the mail, this was a very time-consuming process and prone to missing information and documented evidence.
  2. The data for previous grants, and applicants was spread across multiple excel spreadsheets, documents and filing cabinets making it hard to identify previous applicants or conflicts of interest.
  3. The current scrutinising and acceptance process was an extremely manual and time consuming process to arrange dozens of scrutineers to reviews dozens of applications, which required calendars to be created and shared, forms to be created and produced and copies of applications to be printed in bulk for passing to the different scrutineers. Then again once the scrutinising was complete and the applications were updated they would need to reproduce multiple documents (with the changes) again for the next stages to be passed to the board/trustees.
  4. The Review process was reliant upon specific members of staff to chase at the correct time and to remember when certain things needed to happen – information for which was sometimes in either a spreadsheet, a form, an email, or phone conversation from several months prior.

The Solution

Salesforce was chosen as the chosen platform, and by combining the Non Profit Success Pack and FormAssembly to replace the paper application forms with a robust and flexible Online Application process, which benefits from Process Builder and Email alerts for confirmation along with introducing ESignature functionality. This meant that Froebel Trust is moving from an entirely manual paper intensive driven process to an entirely online and system manageable process which has massively reduced the time and effort required to manage an application through to its acceptance and review.

We utilised the core functionality of Salesforce and custom objects to make tracking previous Applicants, Scrutineers and Conflicts of Interest easy to do by relating Grants and their Applications to the associated Accounts and Contacts upon submission of the application and by allowing the users to create Conflicts of Interest as they were identified.

Alongside creating custom objects for grants we used standard Salesforce Campaigns and combined these with FormAssembly, so that we could create a way to set up a Scrutinising Campaign that allows The Froebel Trust users to select which Grants they are going to scrutinise in this round, add the Scrutineers (Contacts) as Campaign Members which in turn had an associated FormAssembly forms for them to distribute to the Campaign Members by the EMail List View functionality. This allows them to quickly and easily identify any conflicts of interests and then allows them to quickly and easily provide feedback on said applications where no Conflict of Interest were identified.

Salesforce Reports and Conga Composer was introduced to replace the requirement for word documents to constantly be re-produced from the updates to the previous excel spreadsheets for passing onto the different people. As the tweaks and changes are now captured in Salesforce a simple button press now produces the core documents they need at a glance or a refresh and export of a report.

When a Grant is accepted and monies are awarded sometimes there were conditions for Payment and sometimes a review form is required, utilising Time Based Workflows we are able to give the users the ability to create a Review that is scheduled to be completed in the future upon acceptance of the grant. FormAssembly is again used to allow the grant recipient to fill out this feedback form, which will be emailed to them at a scheduled date.