Scottish Cycling is the national governing body for cycling in Scotland and works in conjunction with British and Welsh Cycling, together they are the governing bodies of the sport of cycling across the UK.

Based at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scottish Cycling works hard to develop the sport across multiple disciplines and at all levels, from grass roots to the performance development programmes which feed into the Great Britain Cycling Team and Team Scotland for the Commonwealth Games.

Cycling Scotland are more than sport however, every day Scottish Cycling’s 31 members of staff engage with their club network to help them grow, to develop coaching, education and volunteer opportunities, to facilitate a calendar of events throughout Scotland and to help groups and individuals become engaged with the world of cycling.

The Challenge

The internal teams at Cycling Scotland each had different processes which led to a very disjointed approach to awarding grants and data silos amongst the teams. As the grant portfolio had evolved this meant that the application forms Cycling Scotland were using were also basic and no longer met the needs of the team.

The Solution

With Salesforce selected as the chosen platform, Hyphen8 facilitated an independent internal session to create a flow diagram detailing Cycling Scotland’s account management processes.

The application process was streamlined and enhanced by teaming up grantFlex with Form Assembly.

We were able to build a series of application forms that allowed users to submit and save.  By integrating this functionality with Salesforce, we could specify a stage within the grant making process where no further changes were allowed by the applicant and the form became read only. By managing this within Salesforce, Cycling Scotland can help and assist applicants and see how applicants progress through the application process.

By utilising grantFlex and sharing proven, best practice processes used by so many other organisations, the grant awarding process could be significantly simplified. Cycling Scotland now have a centralised place to store all associated files, attachments, call and email history attached to each organisation and funding request so the internal team no longer have to rely on their own data storage solutions.

Hyphen8 provided our knowledge and expertise to deliver a user friendly, standardised, streamlined grants awards system that accurately measures trends, responds to information requests and ensures that quality standards are met.

We created a suite of reports and dashboards to allow Cycling Scotland to take a complete 360o view of their data.  In particular a complete view of multiple location projects which prior to Salesforce had been a time consuming and frustrating task, they now can have real time reports at the click on a button.

During the project the world was thrown into chaos with the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown. The Cycling Scotland team had to quickly adjust to working from home and other disruptions to the business however, Hyphen8 were able to deliver the project on time and within budget.

“The Cycling Scotland team built an excellent working relationship with Antony and Emma in the most difficult of circumstances as the project began just began at start of COVID pandemic and lockdown. Given the uncertainty and general business interruption, communication with the consulting partner has been exemplary and the project was delivered within time and budget. We look forward to further developing on phase 1 and continuing the relationship with our consulting partner.”

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