Camden Giving Logo

Camden Giving is an independent charity ending local poverty and inequality. Based on a notion that everyone has something to give, be that time, skills or money, we channel those resources into support for local people, such as food banks, winter night shelters and activities for vulnerable young people.

The Challenge

Camden Giving got in touch at the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, they needed a fast and efficient way to open a new fund for the local community in the fight against CV19. They first envisaged opening the fund in mid may or when they had raised over £50,000 from local businesses and people. However in just over a week the local community had raised £156,000 so they wanted to open the fund as soon as possible.

The Solution

We got started by installing our grantFlex accelerator which meant that we could easily and very quickly start to build out any additional custom fields relevant for the emergency form. We then used Form Assembly to build out the application form. Once connected all the information from the application form syncs into Salesforce upon submission.

Camden Giving have an external panel who review and comment on the applications before meeting to determine which applications should be awarded. Hyphen8 built out a Salesforce community which enables the external review team to read the applications before the meeting. Once in the meeting the grantFlex meeting wizard enables Camden Giving to easily decide and note which applications to award, reject applications and amend the awarded amount. We also created an email template that fires after the meeting to tell the applicants about their grant.

We also utilized form assembly to create a prefilled form which contains the grantee’s details and the awarded information for the applicant to attach the required files and attachments so that they can quickly accept the grant so payment can be made as quickly as possible.

With this new solution Camden Giving were able to receive over 70 applications, award grants up to £156,000 to 29 Organisations within 10 days.