Who we are

We have an amazing, diverse team who share the mission to make a difference to the nonprofit sector. Many of them have joined us from the charity sector!

Our broad mix of skills includes strategic consultancy, development, training and project management.

We're proud of our supportive and collaborative culture, where we achieve our results and have fun!

Every single member of the team contributes to our success and we encourage continual personal development and reward achievement.

Our strong team ensures that we can deliver innovative solutions and can share our knowledge to help non-profits achieve their missions and make an impact.


We want to minimise our impact on the planet, and our HyphenEarth Community of Practice is working to reduce our carbon emissions, change user behaviour, and to do our bit to reduce our impact on the world

Our values

We're passionate about our social mission. Philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do, and the 8 in our name represents our mission to donate a 8% of our profits to good causes.

We're guided by our 8 values. We:

take pride in what we do

We're a trusted partner with integrity at our core

Think creatively

We challenge ways of working, and embrace innovation & creativity

make a difference

We add value and we're focused on our philanthropic goals

Support each other

We recognise and reward contributions to our success

Nurture personal development

We respect each other's wellbeing and act as one team

share our knowledge

We invest in learning to grow our skills

Celebrate achievement

We are thought leaders who strive to empower others

Don't forget to have fun!

We love what we do, and we share smiles along the way!

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  • Operations
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  • Service Design
Senior Solutions Consultant

Gemma Daley (She/Her)

I'm part of the Evolve team. We support our customers with any system issues or improvements they'd like to make to their Salesforce set-up. I essentially get to solve puzzles every day. I'm also the resident (and albeit self-titled) FormAssembly Jedi.

Head of Evolve

Hayley Wade

I manage the Evolve support team. This includes co-ordinating the work that comes into the team, being a contact point for clients and supporting both clients and colleagues with their requirements.

Senior Service Designer

Jacqui Lowe (She/Her)

I work with our clients to help them make their services better for their users. By working with and listening to their internal and external users, I try to understand what they need, what frustrates them, and help them to find ways to make everyone's lives easier!

Senior Solutions Consultant

Jennifer Sowerby (She/Her)

I work with many areas of the Salesforce platform to deliver grant management solutions, but my particular specialities are Flow, Experience Cloud and working with some of our partner products such as FormAssembly and Conga.

Solutions Consultant

Jess McCormick (She/Her)

I help design and build technical solutions for our clients as part of their implementation projects.

Impact Manager

Joel Aughey (He/Him)

I speak to nonprofits to understand what they need, and to explore how we can work together. I also write our Customer Stories, and look after our website and social media presence.

Delivery Manager

Julia Williams

I keep projects on track to deliver on time and budget. I keep you informed, control the scope of work and ensure everyone knows what's happening & when. I get to work alongside my talented colleagues and wonderful customers helping to deliver solutions in a friendly and supportive way.

Senior Service Designer

Kirsten Wolff (She/Her)

I design end-to-end services and processes that give organisations and their customers a great user experience. I support clients to better understand their users’ needs and which steps add value to their business, so that they have a simpler, more effective product or service that works well for everyone.

Solutions Consultant

Lucian Roux (He/Him)

I help organisations make the most out of their Salesforce platform by offering support and designing solutions for them to achieve their mission and business goals.

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Create positive experiences for your stakeholders

Let's work together to empower your users, maximise your impact, and deliver against your mission

What we offer

We challenge and re-design processes, and build innovative solutions to help our customers make an impact


Superpower Salesforce

We design, build and support innovative and flexible solutions on Salesforce.

We can help you maximise your impact and free up time to spend with your stakeholders and concentrate on your mission.


Design Better Services

Our Service Design team have joined us from leading UK funders, and have years of grant-making and charity expertise.

We can redesign your processes and help you deliver your mission more effectively.


Many of the changes are already being applied across our wider work and there’s no going back to the old ways. For now, we take a breath, see what works and what doesn’t, then we go again making the next round better.