Our products

With many years of experience working in the non-profit sector,
we have now embarked on an exciting product innovation
programme to deliver packaged solutions to our clients


Product innovation to accelerate transformations

Our aim is to offer cost-effective, best practice and accelerated solutions. Having been fortunate to work with a wide variety of non-profits, we can identify common requirements. Our Product Innovation Team’s mission is to standardise proven solutions to fast-track implementation and share best practice among non-profit communities.

The first of our innovations is grantFlex – a comprehensive, functionally-rich solution built on Salesforce and designed to support all stages of the grant-making process, from initial application through to assessment and reporting of final outcomes. The core package is completely FREE and we offer a range of optional extras, customisation and support services.

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Our flexible grant-making solution


Integrated, editable online forms allow you to track applications by status, automate applicant communications and match applications to existing records.



Specific fields for grading and scoring, in-built look ups to charity commission sites.  Optional peer review and external assessor management processes.



Mass select or edit the status of grants by panel meeting, auto-generate outcome emails and letters and have the option to manage grant acceptance online.



Flexible payment scheduling and editing, manage multiple funds to track annual programme budgets and process transaction batches for accounts.



Manage funding requirements and associated monitoring reports.  Option to automate requests and reminders for online grant reporting forms with pre-populated data from related grant records.



Create and edit a range of dynamic report templates and visual chart dashboards to track and analyse your data.  Extract your grant data to 360Giving standard


Get started quickly with our acceler8 service


Designed for grant-makers looking for a fast, cost-effective start on Salesforce with minimal pressure on your internal resources.  After a kick off session to set the scene, the service includes: 

  • Installation of grantFlex
  • Review form and page layout templates
  • Basic configuration to add / remove fields
  • Existing data import
  • User training

Simple implementations can be completed in less than 10 days!  If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch

Transform your grant-making processes with grantFlex

Our latest product innovation is grantFlex, a functionally-rich solution built on Salesforce and designed to support all stage of the grant-making process, from initial application through assessment to final outcomes.

Flexibility to become self-sufficient – We combine powerful and proven accelerators with the flexibility of Salesforce to empower you to adapt and transform for greater impact. 

Full life-cycle coverage – A comprehensive range of tools to increase speed and efficiency at each stage in the grant-making lifecycle with lots of optional add-ons!

Accelerated transformation – The core product is FREE and can be installed and ready to go very quickly.  We can provide additional customisation and support based on your priorities.

  • Improve efficiency through automation and workflow to create more capacity for relationship-building and increasing impact
  • Reduce paper mountains by shifting all funding applications, assessment acceptance and monitoring forms online
  • Enable more efficient and timely decision-making by taking control of reporting with powerful and flexible analytics functions
  • Benefit from the world-leading CRM features of the Salesforce platform for stakeholder profiling, communications and event management
  • Take control of your data with a 360 degree view of each contact and their associated communication preferences to ensure GDPR compliance