Introducing Janaid Iqbal to the Hyphen8 Team

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Janaid Iqbal joined the Hyphen8 team back in early July, we have let him find his feet before finding out some more about Janaid. 

Janaid Iqbal
How did your Salesforce Journey begin?
It was a total accident!  I was just a normal Salesforce user working on a helpdesk logging cases.  However the setup we had didn’t do everything we wanted and felt that we could get more out of the system.  So I volunteered to see what else Service Cloud could do.  After that it just snowballed and I kept learning through Trailhead which then gave me the ability to make all the changes we wanted on Service Cloud to help all the helpdesk agents.  My boss at the time was so happy with everything that had been done he just wanted me to carry on improving the system for the long term.
What is your favourite Trailhead badge?
Advanced Formulas
Advanced Formula TH badge
What inspired you to work with Nonprofits?
I found how non profits use Salesforce for their needs very interesting and very different to anything I have ever done before.  i wanted a new challenge and wanted to expand my skill set so I could keep learning everyday.  I also find it more rewarding helping non profits try to reach their goals by making their lives and processes so much easier from a systems point of view.  It makes me feel like I have contributed in some way to helping others.
What is your Hyphen8 Highlight so far? 
I would say by far the culture and the getting to know the team.  There is so much knowledge and a diverse range of personalities within the team.  But one thing they all have in common is how supportive and friendly they are.  No matter what they are doing or however simple the question is the whole team will always give you a helping hand without any problems. This is just the Hyphen8 way, the culture is built on support and creating a family atmosphere.  I’ve been made to feel so welcome and could not be happier to be working with such great people.
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