Digital design & marketing services

Improve the user experience and perception of the people you interact with for better engagement and results

Nonprofits don’t always have the people available to design and create impactful email templates, user-friendly forms or really engaging online user journeys. We can fill that gap with our expert design and marketing services on demand.

Providing a high-quality online experience for your audiences increases the likelihood of them completing the tasks that you want them to.  Whether they are completing grant application forms, donating on landing pages, engaging with you in an online community or clicking through from emails – good design has an impact.

Our design and marketing services provides a fresh, creative pair of eyes to add flair to your digital presence and campaigns.  We want to make your interactions with your audiences easy, intuitive and enjoyable to optimize response and save you time answering queries.

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Our digital design & marketing services

Form design

Best practice form design can increase completion rates and save you valuable time spent answering queries. We can help you to design forms that are simple and intuitive.
£ 1,500 from
  • Make it easy for people to provide the information that you need
  • Reduce form drop-off rates and increase completion rates
  • Minimise the time your internal team spend answering queries on how to complete forms

Web design

Whether you need to fire up a landing page for a new programme or campaign or are looking for re-design of your website, we have the experience.
£ 1,725 from
  • Increase engagement and response rates with improved user experience
  • Ensure that web pages are simple to navigate, accessible and well-structured
  • Encourage more traffic to your website with SEO and analytics

Email marketing

A well-designed email template can make all the difference to click through rates and unsubscribes. Whatever email solution you are using, we can design a range of enticing templates to boost engagement rates.
£ 1,250 from
  • Save internal time with a suite of ready-to-go, responsive custom templates
  • Best practice guidance on content structure and layout and prominent calls to actions
  • Review of your current email marketing plan with recommendations

Salesforce Community

We can design your entire community user experience or just help you to choose and design the template or simply apply your brand identity.
£ 1,500 from
  • Improved user experiences reduces your time spent managing queries
  • Intuitive navigation reduces time spent by community users trying to find what they need
  • Engaging design and content increases likelihood of audiences completing the things you need them to do


Whether you are starting with your first user journey campaign or need to ramp up existing ones, we can guide you. Or you may just need us to design your communication templates to increase response rates.
£ 1,250 from
  • Fresh perspective on how best to engage with audiences throughout a user journey
  • Optimise your investment in marketing automation by exploring best use cases
  • Design a library of digital asset templates that your team can quickly adapt

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