The Robertson Trust was established in 1961 by the Robertson sisters Elspeth, Agnes, and Ethel who donated the shares in their businesses, founded and developed by their grandfather and father, to the Trust for charitable purposes.

The sisters were among the first Trustees, serving for a combined total of 71 years and ensuring the Trust upheld the principles at the heart of the family: honesty, integrity, and a willingness to help people in need.

The family business now operates as the global company Edrington – one of Scotland’s largest private companies and owner of several well-known whiskey brands. The sisters’ generosity enables the Trust to use the dividends from its controlling shareholding in Edrington for the benefit of Scotland’s people and communities.

The Robertson Trusts mission is to improve the quality of life and realising the potential of people and communities in Scotland, Robertson Trust focuses on four high-level outcomes:

  • improving outcomes for individuals and communities
  • improving capacity of third sector organisations to deliver impact to their beneficiaries
  • building and using evidence to inform policy and practice
  • developing our own understanding of our role as a funder.

We do this by:

  • funding and supporting charitable organisations of all sizes who are committed to achieving positive change for individuals and communities across Scotland (see Open Awards)
  • building understanding of the root causes of problems and testing potential approaches and solutions (see Social Impact)
  • supporting talented young people who may face barriers to education and development (see Scholarship)

The Challenge

With Salesforce announcing that there would be no further development or new feature enhancements being made to the classic interface. But also having seen some of the nice new features Lightning has to offer, including Salesforce paths, enhanced files and many more. As the Robertson Trust had a number of Visualforce pages, buttons, page layouts, custom Apex code and triggers this meant that simply turning on lightning was not possible, and some development was required. The Robertson Trust asked Hyphen8 to conduct a transition from classic to Lightning.

The Solution

Following the Salesforce guidelines and our internal Lightning Transition template, we reviewed Robertson Trust’s Salesforce Instance and all of it’s components to assess the time frame and scope of the changes required to migrate the system into Salesforce Lightning.

All of the identified changes were collated into an easy to read readiness document along with estimations and timelines.

Existing Notes and Attachments were migrated over to use the new Salesforce Files and Enhanced Notes. Custom functionality and 3rd party apps were updated where necessary. Robertson Trust were advised of any users currently logging in using non-recommended browsers and provided with a list of recommended by Salesforce browsers.

All changes were made available to the client in a sandbox, and thoroughly tested before deployment took place to Production. Out team were on standby following deployment for aftercare and further support.