The Co-op Foundation was set up by the Co-op with an endowment fund to cover all day-to-day running costs so that 100% of donations go directly to community projects. Salesforce was selected to manage funding, volunteering and social investments.

The Challenge

The foundation team were looking for best practice advice and a cost-effective solution to focus on knowledge transfer and training for internal teams so they could become self-sufficient. The team were working in separate databases and spreadsheets with no centralized visabilty.

The application process was very manual which took a great deal of the teams resources which in fact needed to be engaged on higher value activities and tasks.

The other main challenge was that the foundation were working with a limited implementation budget.

Reporting was a very time consuming process with the data silos so they needed a system that would make reporting easy.

The Solution

We installed and configured Salesforce NPSP and our own grant management application- grantFlex, we added iin some automated workflows which saves the team time throughout the grant lifecycle and informs the team what they need to do and when. The flexibility of the platform means that the foundation can evolve processes in line with their programme strategies.

We utilised FormAssembly to create a suite of application, grant acceptance and monitoring forms, we also trained the internal team to build and maintain their own forms.

The foundation still needed the ability to generate specific documents so we also installed and configured Sdocs document merge tool and trained the internal team to set up templates.

As the foundation also needed a mechanism for storing their data we also installed and demonstrated the capabilities of the NPSP Volunteers for Salesforce for the internal team to configure. We were very focused on making sure the team had the right training, skills and confidence to ensure that they are as self sufficient as they can be.

Reporting was made easier with Salesforces out of the box report wizard, the team have created a suite of reports and dashboards which they just simply click on the report to see the data in real time.