The Serpentine Galleries are two contemporary art galleries in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Central London. Comprising the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, they are within five minutes’ walk of each other, linked by the bridge over the Serpentine Lake from which the galleries get their names.

The Challenge

Serpentines’ previous Consultancy failed to meet several requirements and in some areas built a lot of unnecessary and conflicting functionality causing issues with out of the box functionality.​

They had a Mailchimp integration requirement where each Contact could have multiple Email Addresses, but Mailchimp only accepts one Email address per Contact. Contacts needed to manage their own consent.​

They needed to import and match partial/full payments made to their respective Opportunities/Payments.​

They had a very large Data Migration that a 3rd party was managing, they needed us to help when it came to understanding the object model and any processes that were in place that impacted the migration.​

The Solution

Firstly, we rolled back all of the custom code the previous Consultancy setup for Mailchimp and used out of the box integration that comes with the product. Allowing each Contact to have multiple Email Addresses with one primary email. We utilised FormAssembly for Contacts to sign up and manage their Consent online.​ This means that Serpentine can now integrate with Mailchimp using Salesforce as the master of data. With the online consent and sign up forms Serpentine can now run Campaigns for events, communications, newsletters and trust that the Contacts included want to be included

For the Opportunities and Finance Integration, we rolled back a large amount of Custom Code, streamlined and brought it inline with Salesforce Best Practice and utilised, many of the Standard fields as possible to calculate VAT. ​

For the Finance Integration we built an Import Wizard that used a combination of Visual Flow, APEX and Dataloader. This allowed us to load the data directly into Salesforce pick up and process it via a button press, match to Opportunities and Payments and display any errors.​

For Shopify, there was a paid App available that met their requirements. This allows the Serpentine team to Sell locally and internationally and trust that the products and prices being invoiced are accurate. ​

We also imported all Payments into the system and match these to the Correct Opportunities and Payments.