Newbury RDA is a voluntary organisation dedicated to enabling local disabled children to horse ride and enjoy the benefits it gives them.
Over 80 children attend each week during term time and volunteers are always needed to assist with the children, ponies, or just the general upkeep, not to mention fundraising!

The Challenge

Newbury RDA had been recording lessons attendance in notebooks, this meant that when the trustees needed a report of all lessons attended by a school, the trustees needed to reconcile everyone’s notebooks into one excel sheet.
Alongside the riders records, RDA also required a solution where they could record the details of volunteers and their training requirements, DBS certificates and expiry dates.

The Solution

With the help of our pledge 8% time, we were able to use Salesforce’s NPSP package to help Lindsay and the team at RDA.
Firstly we built out custom objects to collect information on the riding lessons and classes, we then built a nifty flow which allows a class organiser to see the riders in the class and mark them as attending or un attending a riding lesson, this enables the class organiser to complete the register quickly and accurately.
Alongside the new functionality to capture riders attendance we also created a suite of reports and dashboards so the Trustees can see the number of lessons quickly and in real time.
By adding custom fields to the existing NPSP contact we could capture custom information relating to volunteers. This means the Trustees can have a report of any upcoming DBS checks, First aid training refreshers etc.