Homeless World Cup Foundation

The Homeless World Cup works with a network of 74 organisations representing 74 nations around the world. These National Partners vary in size and structure but they all have one thing in common: they all use the power of football to help people who are homeless and socially disadvantaged.

The Challenge

Homeless World Cup didn’t really have an effective way to record their participants/press/staff contacts and be able to report easily year on year on who attended.  The majority of the data was managed a lot on spreadsheets which caused data silos.

The Solution

As Homeless World Cup only had a small budget Salesforce Communities was not a feasible option at the time so we needed to find a suitable, cost effective solution that would work well with Salesforce NPSP.

We instead built sites so they could control by tournament who attended – giving the managers of the team the ability to view their participants and add the required amounts of players easily.

By teaming up with FormAssembly we provided the ability to integrate forms with real-time updates into Salesforce for their Partner Annual Surveys which had in the past, this previously had been difficult to manage with their own form system and no ability to turn the data easily into records that could be reported on.

Homeless World Cup now have a major benefit now in seeing straight away who is registering, numbers of participants, press, extra staff and controlling the ability to allowing a player to participate only once. Analysing shoe sizes etc if they need to buy in equipment for the tournaments. Linking data to their partners so they have a better view of what each one is doing.