BILD works with Government departments, local authorities, heath trusts, service providers and mainstream organisations to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.   They facilitate change, turning research, policy and evidence-based practice into practical organisational development programmes that help ensure excellent support and a better quality of life for people with disabilities. Their organisational and workforce development programmes, consultancy, conferences and publishing all contribute to supporting organisations to continually improve practice.

The Challenge

Their bespoke data system OM, alongside several additional processes and applications, meant that data was heavily siloed.  The Memberships and Subscriptions process was open to abuse as applicants were able to cancel moments after receiving their access to documentation without having paid.​

The Work Place Training team managed a very long sales and training process using a combination of Excel Spreadsheets, Trello boards and emails. This required a large amount of manual data processing and was at risk due to reliance on specific members of the team.​

BILD didn’t have access to any form of real-time reporting or ability to track data.​

The system was very much “as is” and couldn’t be changed or updated to reflect changing business requirements and growth.

The Solution

The intensive Workplace Training process was moved onto Salesforce using Leads, Opportunities, Pricebooks and Products to manage their sales process from start to finish.  A “Path” and Kanban List Views were created to guide users through the multitude of stages. The team can now easily move applications through different stages of the process and see where each grant is currently at with a really simple and easy to understand view.

Campaigns set up with FormAssembly to manage training attendees and capture attendance and feedback​. Mailchimp was also installed to email campaign members​ in a much more streamlined way.
Salesforce NPSP was used for Memberships and Subscriptions alongside Standard Salesforce Pricebooks and Products. This allowed us to harness FormAssembly to capture registrations and to provide “password protected” access to the files appropriate to their level of membership /subscription, once an Invoice was filled out, agreed and flagged as collected. This enabled the BUILD team to have increased self-sufficiency and after training they are able to use FormAssembly and the ability to tweak and change products/pricing relatively easily a huge bonus and have already started making changes along side business process.​

Payments were streamlined through the creation of a payment batching process. This pulls together the current months scheduled payments for export to Bacstel(for payment collection) and Sage50 (for finance tracking) and then flagged as Paid.​
CVENT was integrated into Salesforce to pull in planned events/conferences for attendee tracking.​

The BUILD Team have reported back that he system not only provides them with a 306 view of their data but processing times have dramatically been reduced as a result of their implementation.